Thursday, 24 December 2009

Mistletoe and wine (for courage)!

Is it just in Norwich or further afield? There is an acute lacking of mistletoe around. Is this no longer a valid and innocent opportunity for a kiss?

Has health & safety ruined this too, due to risk of spreading coughs & colds or the potential of getting a slap from the receivers girl/boyfriend??!!

Also if I do get my hands on some mistletoe & by some chance of a miracle there is someone worth kissing - what is the cut off date? Surely up until NYE should be acceptable?

For fear of sounding a little desperate I shall sign off now & wish you all a very merry Christmas xxx

I hope all your dreams come true.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

What will Christmas bring...

Well I have worked like crazy and partied even harder over the last few months. It's been loads of fun, but my little body is feeling the strain now. My Christmas wish is for a huge lay in (preferably without hangover)!!
The picture of fabulous Audrey is a little like me last weekend after an opulent ball in London. I woke up complete with make up, jewellery still on & my tiara & entire bag contents lying on the bed next to me - classy!! Oh dear.
Anyway I foolishly invited lots of neighbours over to my parents house for mulled wine & mince pies for Christmas eve. I see more champagne corks popping and a headache on the horizon! I never learn.
Christmas eve is always a dressy affair for the family, it's a good chance to get the posh frocks out of storage and I do have some rather splendid vintage gloves that I haven't worn yet...

and did I show you the glitter ball handbag? This bag is so fabulous that it's inspired me to have a dinner party early next year all decorated in white & silver.... the photo doesn't quite do it justice.

Waking up with my glitter ball shimmering and throwing sparkles all over my bedroom is rather lovely too. I think it might stay up after the festivities!! x

Friday, 11 December 2009

Old Meets the New at Christmas

After the last couple of months of shopping for all things vintage, I am officially addicted. I decided that this should traverse into my home which is an odd 1970's one level house with great views of the river. Well what was a modern and minimalist interior is now becoming more personalised and has a scattering of old trinkets and pretty finds.
I found some fabulous old baubles in a local charity shop which I mixed in with some mini glitter balls and displayed in a glass vase. I now realise that decorating at night means that you think the vase (previously used for huge exotic stems) is clean and sparkly...
So to keep with the modern and my love for Perspex I have my Habitat (from a few years ago) mini tree.
If I can manage to take some decent photos I will show you the whole living room & the decorations so you can comment. My friends think I'm a misery as I don't have a Christmas tree other than the prised Perspex!! Well I think it's more eco friendly (and less mess!).
Happy weekend xxx

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Christmas Shopping in Medieval surroundings

This Saturday & Sunday we (Butterflies & Hurricanes) are displaying our wares at Dragon hall in Norwich. It is a beautiful Grade I listed medieval trading hall. It is the only known surviving building of its type in Western Europe.
Anyway I digress, it will be a really nice event with all handmade things made by local crafty crafters.
The opportunity to exhibit is by appointment only so I'm very proud to have been asked!!!
It will also be nice to display inside as my papa and I got drenched setting up for the craft & farmers market in Norwich last Sunday boo!!!
More information is available on their website...
Come and say helloooo if you live locally. And just for fun, if you mention this blog to me or Mummy Butterfly then you get 10% off anything you wish to buy from our stall.

Ooh we are showing our vintage scarf vest tops & customised corsets here too if we can squeeze them in!

Happy weekend to all of you & good luck with the shopping xx

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Little Vintage Lover Fair

Well what a well attended event this was. Well done Zoe! It was a lovely day and Mummy Butterfly & I were on the stage ha ha. That is to say that we had our stall on the stage, I haven’t been on stage since Guilty Pleasures in Camden last month when Jooles & I thought it would be sooo kool to dance on stage to various 80’s classics (oh dear, I never learn!).

Anyhoo back to le weekend. There were loads of stalls fitted into the Sussex barns near the lovely north Norfolk town of Burnham Market.

I treated myself to one of Zoe’s homemade glittery cupcakes yum & ended up with glittery lipstick all day!

We had lots of sparkly new jewellery on show and I hand made some candles and some Victorian image Christmas gift tags especially! Both went down rather well. I even found some vintage baubles to put on display!!

I treated myself (again) to some long pink gloves which come past my elbows. They may get an airing at the Christmas Dinner on Saturday, perhaps I should dust off the tiara too!!!

Looking forward to more Vintage Lover events next year.

Monday, 30 November 2009

A very vintage weekend

I had a lovely Vintage weekend. Saturday was a trip to the seaside. I went to Southwold with my mater & pater to visit a vintage fair that had come highly recommended. Well it was so good that we stayed for lunch, and afternoon coffee & ended up being late home & had to rush off to our respective dinner parties! The atmosphere was electric, there was live music & singing of many songs pre my time!! One rather talented gentleman was playing a wood saw with a bow rather well indeed. Heath & safety probably wouldn’t like that!! Ha

All 3 of us treated ourselves to some unusual things. I got a lovely Marylin Monroe styled dress but I shall be keeping away from any air vents! I did parade around on Sunday’s vintage fair rather proud of my smashing new frock.

There was a rather wonderful 3

wheeled Morgan parked up outside the vintage fair that I just had to take a photo of. This is my papa standing next to it – pretending like it’s his ha ha. He had a great day at the Vintage fair as his RAF issue moustache was very much admired by several of the ladies there!!

I have also included a snap of the lighthouse to show you a little corner of Southwold – it was too cold & blustery to get my hands out of my pockets by the seafront, so sadly no photos of that.

Friday, 27 November 2009

A beautiful vintage Christmas gift

Ok I admit it; I’m a bus blogger. I don’t have anything I think is interesting enough to write to you about for ages… and then I have an inspiration day when I have a writing frenzy.

I have been looking forward to Sunday’s event for ages and ages. It’s the Vintage Lover’s Fair

29th November 2009, Sussex Barns, Burnham Market, Norfolk, PE31 8JY

It’s going to be a-mazing! Starring the Celebrities of this months "Norfolk Magazine" Mrs Bobo Bun Kitschen Pink both blogging Royalty will be there as well as little ole me and Mummy Butterfly with our eclectic mix of accessories.

It will be like an overspilling wardrobe of treats. Vintage Clothing, Accessories, Jewellery, Collectables, Kitchenalia & Textiles. Unusual gifts for those hard to buy for family & friends. It’s a great atmosphere with Music, Tea and Cupcakes, Mulled wine and mince pies.

New Moon Obsession

The lengths a gal has to go to get a date these days - seriously Robbie Williams wisely said that all the best (wo)men are married, all the handsome men are gay ... or vampires or werewolves.
Yes i had a gratuitous evening at the sumptuous Cinema City in Norwich last night. A glass of rose, huge comfy seats, great company and Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner for an eye candy feast.
There must be handsome men out there who are nearer my age surely? Where are they hiding? Are they all taken? Do I have to dream about film stars forever??!!!
Anyway my random (more than usual) blog was supposed to be about how much I enjoyed the film, yep it's a chick flick full of beautiful people. If only my small town had families that hot! ha ha You'll find me day dreaming at my desk x

Monday, 23 November 2009

Mulled Wine and cupcake heaven

It was the perfect outdoor craft event. The sun even shone! The air was filled with the aroma of the best mulled wine I have ever tasted, the stalls were a visual feast of handmade gorgeousness. Scrumptious cupcakes (they tasted so goooood), sparkly jewellery, cute fabric Christmas decorations, Ipod holders, chapstick pouches, handmade soaps …. Such a pretty location with the nicest people. Mummy butterfly & I treated ourselves to lots of things, some may end up as presents…maybe! My magpie eyes found a beautiful sparkly vintage evening bag with a cute paste clasp. It’s now my early Christmas present from Mummy & I think it will get a airing next week at V’s Christmas dinner party, how exciting! Sadly I forgot my camera so i haven't got any nice photos to show you of the day :-(

The lovely team at Someleyton post Office & Village Stores are planning more events next year & they are in my Top 10 of “must visit events” – well as long as you’re in the area that is! I will keep you posted x

Friday, 20 November 2009

Cute Christmas Fair

I nearly forgot to mention that I'm doing a lovely little craft fair tomorrow in Somerleyton in Norfolk.
It's set in the Village Post Office & Stores - as pictured here. It's a picturesque place all quaint with chocolate box houses with thatch roofs, a duck pond and a fab pub!!! I hear a rumour that Twiggy has a house here too.
Anyway the craft fair is on 10-3 Saturday 21st November.
Apart from my accessories there will be home made cupcakes, (as long as the stall isn't next to mine that is!!) local photography and other lovely crafts.
If you happen to live in the area please pop along and say helloooo.
I will take some snaps to show you how sweet it it & post them next week.
Have a great weekend xx

Missing in action

I've been very rubbish with the blogs for ages now. I've been making & organising for the Christmas craft fair fun. What I should be doing is photographing what I'm doing duh!

Well yesterday I dropped off some sparkly jewellery box sets to House Of Couture in Norwich - this is a bridal & ball dress shop. I also snuck in a millefiori hearts necklace & earrings similar to the red one here.

I zoomed over to Big Blue Sky which is a fabulous shop in Wells-next-the-Sea in North Norfolk. This scrumptious shop sells really unusual gifts & everything is made in Norfolk. Catherine had some excellent news, that the shop had won the Telegraph Retail Awards for best gift & home-ware shop in the country!! Well deserved and definitely worth a visit!!
Anyway I took some more jewellery over there & lots of this fabulous turquoise striped range which I think works really well with the Howlite Turquoise stones.

Mummy Butterfly is always making things - I wonder when she sleeps... maybe she's a vampire - ok too much Twilight for me then.
Anyway this felt example is her latest. It sold like hot cakes at the last ladies evening which is always very nice.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Donuts instead of Cupcakes??

Well I finally managed a wee holiday hurrahhh. Its been long overdue. I popped over to the windy city of Chicago which was rather nice. I shall ramble more about that later. Anyway I thought it would be nice to bring a bit of America back for the guys in the office so i picked up a box of a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts.
I have been informed for many years now that these are the Rolls Royce of donuts... they were so right; I don't even like donuts - until now!!
I'm afraid I troffed the yummy chocolate topped and filled one before the photo.
I must confess I didn't touch a cupcake whilst away. I did hoover up a large slice of Cheescake factory raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake though. mmmm hunger attack strikes again, oh dear I must be healthy before I pop!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

A weekend in the country

Well it’s always nice to head out to the countryside especially when it’s to visit a chocolate box village with 3 fabulous pubs and a local brewery. Miss Macey and I spent splendid sunny days in a gorgeous little place near Farnham in Surrey. If only my camera had been charged I could have wowed you with cottage gardens spilling with colour still in bloom enjoying the Indian summer. We went for country walks where I apparently looked like a city girl as I was the odd one out with silly smart boots, clearly should have packed the wellies!!

Our lovely host Nicky spoilt us rotten in true English style, Earl Grey tea and Fortnum & Mason biccies on arrival. A spot of shopping in chi chi Farnham for us, while the others played tennis. We then lounged in the gorgeous living room on comfy sofas with a log fire roaring away. After much hilarity, story swapping and more tea we popped out to the pub. Now I do love a real British pub. Scrumptious homemade food, great atmosphere and no worries about how loud we were all being.

Such a relaxing and hilarious weekend was just what the doctor ordered, especially as it was topped off with a tasty roast with all the trimmings and the best sticky treacle pudding ever. I need to get the recipe yummm.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

My lovely friend Sequin and I had a fabulous day out at the seaside. We declined the bucket & spades and put our time to better use – chatting!! We started off at Walberswick which is apparently where the celebs live. I have yet to spot one though!

We then travelled across the river in a cute little rowing boat. In between chatting 100 miles per hour we were wowed by the architecture, it’s a lovely place to be (although I expect it’s average age is 60 so not too rock star in the evenings).

We worked up an appetite with a brisk walk along the esplanade and into the little shops and entertainments on the pier. I thought I would put up a couple of photos of the famous beach huts at Southwold. They are rather charming, even if they cost a bomb. It's always such a nice day out

We found a lovely little tea room called Tilly’s. Really scrummy food and very reasonably priced too – unheard of in Southwold!!! Miss Sequin and I had to stop ourselves from spending our invisible money on Vivienne Westwood winter coats & utterly impractical but to die for aubergine suede platform boots with big floppy bows. Still dreaming about them though boo

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Magpies be warned!

OMFG M&S goes G&S. Gorgeous and sequined! What is happening on the High Street? Some serious morphing is going on in your trusty & well known multi -nationals.

Next has been trying on All Saints style for size, last season rocked some raw tailoring which wouldn’t have looked out of place in the A.S stores – with the exception of the price tags.

River Island is continuing to bring the customised front to the masses (although I suspect that they may have lifted a few ideas from the fabulous designer & creators who bless our funky little fashion markets – but this is just a whimsical thought – I know how RI love to take people to court) Nice range though & their handbags are splendid.

So back to the start – M&S… what is occurring?!! I’m still trying to understand the huge success of Per Una. Is there something in the weave that attracts the over 50’s and makes them loyal subjects? Anyway I digress (again). So I was skimming through a fashion magazine & spotted this photo – WOW!! Sadly I spotted this picky much later than most as it the online shop is currently out of stock of the skirt. Boo L. Is it just me being ever the magpie, or are sequins the best for getting you into the party spirit? I guess the taffeta cocktail frock for the 2009.

And what age is too old for a short skirt??? Or is it just the legs & the courage of the wearer that counts? If only I could walk in my skyscraper platforms… xx

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Travelling in style

Well I have been visiting lots of my lovely friends recently and decided that the train is really the way to travel since my chauffeur doesn’t exist! I do travel 1st class though (due to cheap online tickets I must add). My start off point is always a warm welcome (except when I nearly missed the train last week for cramming too much in). Acle station is very cute indeed. It’s well looked after with some quirky ideas like the flowers in the bicycle shopping basket and a topiary train!!

Anyway just to prove it still looks nice in October… although considerably less colour.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My fashion shoot

So Saturday turned out sunny – eventually, which meant that I could carry out my fashion shoot outdoors.

Ok, I’m also building this up a lot, when you understand that my location is Mummy Butterflies' garden and the model was a perfect sized 12 headless mannequin by the name of Maude!!! No need for a make up artist with Maude he he.

On the sunny side, the scarves were knitted by Mummy Butterfly & the tops made by me. We might be more cottage industry than couture at the moment, but at least we are having fun!!

Well a little about the scarves... my mummy find knitting really relaxing - I personally prefer giggling & chatting nonsense with friends over a glass of wine but hey! So she created this scarf design a couple of years ago and had created it in all different colours and types of yarn, sometimes adding ribbon and sparkly thread (being a bit of a magpie i love this). As much as I love to protest, I think it is getting to scarf selling time on my little stall. And that means that the thermals will have to come out of storage too :( What a fox I am eh?!!!)

Friday, 18 September 2009

Shopping on the sunny side of the street

R and I had to pop to London for an appointment, so we thought why not mix business with pleasure. As the meeting was near to Baker Street it seemed fitting to peruse the scrummy boutiques or Marylebone High Street. Drooling over the Conran Store’s uber cool stereo systems and dining tables was enough of a work out to earn a coffee, so off to Pat vals we went! Those who frequent Patisserie Valerie (or just ogle the fabulous chocolate swirl cakes through the windows like me) will know that it would be rude to just order coffee. Well the pain au chocolat was larger than my handbag! Fuelled up we decided to amble into boutique chocolatiers, mouth watering shoe shops and offset it with a little clothing interest.

Lunch was at Eat and Two Veg which has great service and really great food. It’s a place you can take most carnivores – maybe keep the vegi bit quiet if you can he he. Anyway whilst chilling over a lengthy & relaxed continental inspired luncheon, Sophie Dahl breezed in with her entourage looking stunning. So it even has the celebrity seal of approval!!

Another wonderful place we found was Deploy. It labels itself as demi couture clothing for women – nice title! They create beautiful pieces which are wearable in various different ways. There was a fabulous mac of which the over shoulder part could be detached and worn as a cute cropped jacket, perfect for an evening out. Another configuration was for it to be worn as a dress! There were many clever designs, great styling, and much food for thought. Definitely worth a visit & chat to the sweet and enthusiastic staff.

Anyway we had a wonderful time even though we didn't buy anything for the wardrobe, partly due to the fact that we ate so much we wouldn't be able to fit into anything he he xx

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The eagerly awaited photo!!!!!!

Ha ha - thank you for your kind comments xoxo
Mummy Butterfly will be horrified to find me posting this photo, perhaps I should have photoshopped it first!! Anyway it was exciting to find us in the magazine, especially as there were some much nicer stalls (and more photogenic people) at the fair. Lucky for you all this photo is quite small :) Anyway it was a beautiful day and the next fair should be a perfect chance to treat yourself to some vintage treats for Christmas x

It's taking place on sunday 29th November, at Sussex Barns, Burnham Market, Norfolk PE31 8JY. 11am-5pm and costs just £1 entry and 50p for students, free for children. for full details.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Vintage Fair in the Norfolk Magazine

Well i finally picked up a copy of the Norfolk Magazine this weekend. I was hoping to be able to have a free browse through to see if Zoe's Little Vintage Loves Fair was covered he he; however it was shrink wrapped!! Anyway it was worth the £3 gamble! he he. There was a 3 page article on the lovely little fair which also mentioned the future fair too. Much to my surprise there was also a photo of me an Mummy Butterfly behind our stall! I will add the photo so you can have a good laugh at how un-photogenic we both are. xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

North Norfok Extravaganza

Well last weekend was all about the parties, this weekend was a complete cultural contrast. My fabulous Devonian friends popped over for a visit to my little home by the sea. We did a North Norfolk tour of hidden gems.

We popped into Big Blue Sky in Wells, great for unusual gifts. Stiffkey Post Office Stores which is the cutest cool P.O. ever. Their coffee & cupcakes are a must and it’s lovely to relax there surrounded by interiors & recipe books that get the creativity flowing.

Wiveton Farm Café near Blakeney which does the best food ever and has views of endless rolling Norfolk landscape ending up with the deepest blue sea.

Not content with just the 3 stops, we decided to shoehorn a flying visit to East Ruston gorgeous gardens. Sooooo worth a visit, the gardens are a-mazing!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Cupcake Update x

This weekend was the big cupcake sale for charity Nelson's Journey. Mummy Butterfly baked a stupendous 350 cupcakes, which was incredible news until it dawned in that split second that T& I would be decorating all of them!!! If I ever see a box of icing sugar again i might cry!! I was telling Caroline that I don't know how she does it for a living. That said; the first 100 were fun!!!

Big thanks to the NJ girls who sold many many cupcakes at the Gala Day at the Norfolk Showground.
Huge thanks to M who very kindly took loads to work to sell to her lovely colleagues. Thanks to all at NCC who supported & purchased.

Well this is becoming a bit of an Oscar acceptance speech ... but thanks to my Mummy and to T and baby butterfly for baking & decorating skills. I also think I found my vocation in piping ha ha 1 in 5 chocolate buttercream topped were pretty well done if I do say so myself he :)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Well last night I went to one of my favourite venues, Cinema City in Norwich. Unusually I wasn’t there for the fabulous food or the screening of something cultured (ok so a girl can pretend J). I was there to see my friend Jess Morgan perform. She has the most beautiful voice, we think she’s a similar sound to Katie Melua but with more style. The clever girl writes her own material too. There are music clips on her website which are really worth checking out. He sound is kind of dreamy folk style. It’s lovely to hear & really relaxing.

Oh and to keep in the vein of fashion, vintage jewellery & cupcakes..... I was wearing a beautiful vintage layered chain necklace, sporting a high necked animal print top and eating the Cinema City homemade carrot cake whilst listening. Heaven for all the senses xx he he

Photo by Andi Sapey

Friday, 28 August 2009

Gossip Girl XOXO

You know I love it!

I have a new addiction. It's easy to spot my weakness. It all started many years ago with Sex & the City. Carrie Bradshaw's eclectic fashion was sooo up my street and living in Camden at the time and hanging out with fashionistas, creative types and male models (oooh they were the days!) it was all so us.

Recently after extensive re-viewing of the entire SATC DVD collection and somewhat exhausting it, I decided it was time to look for something else to occupy those odd gloomy evenings…. Miracles come in disk sized packages. Lipstick Jungle arrived in the post!

What more can you ask for in a series??? Gorgeous women I fabulous fashions and in powerful roles. Men so hot I can’t decide who my favourite is, although Kirby Atwood makes me drool (I know it’s wrong to admit this!).

Sooo after watching LJ twice I decided to source more of this Darren Star styled TV. I have Cashmere Mafia as yet unwatched, as I have been hooked by Gossip Girl!

Ok so as usual I’m way behind the times, but since I don’t have a TV I feel I have a valid excuse.

The appeal of GG is the same as always. The lure of the gorgeous cast, fab fashion (loving the twist on the uniforms – I wish I had been this creative at school, our uniform was so stiff) and a fast moving storyline. I find myself just sneaking in another episode when I should be going to bed, or getting ready to go out…. Do they do patches to wean me off these addictive American series??


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Cupcake Recipes Required

Well I usually prefer to treat myself to other peoples scrummy cupcakes, but this time I have signed myself up for making them to sell. Not just a small batch either, I'm aiming to make & decorate about 250!!! Well when I say me - I have been using my persuasive charms (and the promise of some champagne cocktails after decorating) to get a mini workforce together!! Mummy Butterfly is on board & so is my brother's girlfriend who is a great cook. I have friends staying that weekend and may have to get them to help too - is that wrong??!

Anyway the reason for so many cupcakes is that I am newly recruited onto the event's team for a fabulous charity Nelson's Journey which helps support children who have experienced the death of a significant person such as a parent or sibling.

Being keen to impress I though cupcakes would be a nice idea, I now need to plan my military cake decorating operation around working and my fabulous friends staying!!

If anyone has any great recipes or decorating ideas please let me know, I did find a picture of cupcakes with lavender on top & lilac coloured icing yummy. I will post some piccies so you can grade us!

The event is Gala Day at the Norfolk Showground, Norwich on Sunday 6th September, all are very welcome xx

Friday, 21 August 2009

Pimms Jelly

I promised to post this ages ago - sorry.

Serves 4-6 Ready in 3 hours.

300g Strawberries trimmed & sliced

4 leaves gelatine or Jelly crystals for vegis

100ml Pimm’s No.1

425ml lemonade

One. Divide the strawberries between 4 glasses.

Two. Cut gelatine into small pieces & put into a small bowl with 4tbsp cold water. Leave to soak for 10 mins. Heat a small pan containing a little water & stand the bowl of gelatine in it until it has completely dissolved.

Three. In a large jug, mix the Pimm’s & lemonade, pour into the strawberry filled glasses and chill in the fridge for 2 hours.

For Vegi jelly version; leave out step 2 and make up a pack of Jelly crystals (Asda do these) using 150ml boiling water. Add to 100ml Pimm’s and 250ml lemonade in step 3.

For all you creative and collecting people I think this would look better in vintage mixed matched glasses, especially nice in those champagne bowl shaped glasses. Enjoy xx

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Loving the car boot sales

I think I may have become a little addicted to car boot sales. I used to love my Sunday morning lay-ins, but now I find myself getting up at 7 (shock horror) to pop to the local CB! Well last Sunday was my favourite so far, it was so good I was late for setting up at the Craft & Farmer’s market oops!

I bought loads of fabulous sparkly jewellery to take apart & make new. My friends call me a magpie, guess this photo proves it! These pieces are just fine as they are & will be a lovely feature for any Vintage fairs – unless I decide to keep them myself he he.

I also found this tea & coffee set. It’s sending my untrained eye mixed messages. The wooden handles are quite Art Deco styled but the rest is in my opinion either 50’s, 60’s or 70’S!!!! I think I should stick to jewellery!!! J Anyway I thought it was a great design & once I clean the teapot properly I shall decide if I should keep it or find a better home for the set.

I'm off to another one tomorrow & hoping to find some scrumdiddlyumptious things xx