Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My new favorite hangouts in Norwich

It's not often that I pop into Norwich - or anywhere else for that matter at the moment.  I should cut bills and just live in the office ha ha!!

Anyway I met up with the lovely Ruthie and we popped to Talc  on Timber Hill for a spot of lunch.  Odd name for a restaurant but a cute place all the same.  It's a mix of vintage decors and crockery, warmth & friendly service - ooh and nice food too.  

And my fav bars are still Franks Bar, Birdcage and the fabulous X Bells which serves the best cocktails in town.  
Mr Fabulous & I popped in for a few on their finest.  They mix incredible Bloody Mary's, vintage style double G&T's yuuuuuum, Old Fashioned, Vespers .......  and yes, I did have a bit of a headache the next day!! Serves me right.  

Anyway as well as the superb drinks it's a pretty cool place with a log fire & Chesterfields, an old red phone box with a cash machine in it and a wall of whiskys! 

 and nice decor and friendly bar team.
I've even taken my parents there after a day of antique shops, vintage fairs & a jaunt to the cinema to see The Artist.
This weekend we have a 1940's event with a Big Band and a vintage flea market ooooh lovely, if I can fit a lay in and a walk on the beach it will be perfect!
Flea Market also on Sunday 25th March 11 - 4pm with local musicians, pop up bar & lounge, tea & cakes. £1 entry.  Can't wait!! 

What are you up to this weekend?  I'd love to know xxxx