Friday, 31 December 2010

Tonight I'm gonna party like it's .... 2010

Oooh it's nearly time for me to get ready for NYE 2010.
I do love to party & love dressing up.
I have the radio on playing The time of my life by the Black Eyed peas (dirty bit) ha ha ha I think it's the naffest song ever - but the Dirty Bit makes me laugh every time!!

Anyway I've been thinking about my outfit tonight. Nothing too tight as I've been eating 3 course dinners for a week,
plus the hugest Christmas Dinner ever (well this year anyway!).
I have this little pink dress that was Gossip Girl inspired for Miss Selfridge. Yep, I'm a sucker! I love Gossip Girl & SATC & The City isn't bed either. Bit of a pattern forming there!

My ski boot bruised shins will be hidden behind some fabulous Wolford (bought in the sale of course) swirly floral patterned & seamed tights. I have chunky black heels too & a cute clutch bag made from vintage leather by my very clever & talented friend Helen oh and I bought the yummy brown clutch too - oooh couldn't help myself.

So after spending Christmas en France, I'm due time with the family (plus I'm broke ha ha) don't tell them though!! Spending NYE with my parents & Grandmama and parents very cool friends. Something I haven't done since I was about 12 oooh scary!! ;-)
We are all set for a glam dinner party with lots of bubbles, party games & laughter until we cry i imagine! It's rather exciting.

Wishing all of you a very fabulous New Year wherever you are & whatever you are doing xxx

One year my friend Al & I stayed in and at midnight we ran round the garden with sparklers - it's good to be childish xxx

Happy 2011 in advance & thank you so much for reading my guff blog he he Love Claire xx

Let it snow...

I'm back from France!
Well I have survived my very 1st Ski trip.
No broken bones, no injuries at all - well maybe a little dent in my pride!
I didn't manage to conquer my fears of skiing, not even sure what the fears were to be honest. Clearly I am just a big girls blouse - I like to think a rather nice vintage frilled one, worn with layers of classic pearl necklaces!!! he he :-P

The lovely things of my holiday were spending a week with some of my bestest buddies and making some new friends too.
Christmas Eve was a mad one drinking far too much Champagne and laughing our heads off! Christmas day was a slow starter, without any more Champagne. It was everything I could have asked for, lazy, relaxed, nice gifts, lots of hugs & laughter and then a huuuuge roast dinner cooked by someone else!!

The scenery was lovely and everything was prettily covered in snow. Once I find my camera lead I will post some Chrismassy piccies.

I did have a bit of a sulk at having to wear suitable clothing & clompy boots everyday & the only vintage I managed was a faux fur for evenings out & a vintage brooch on my furry hat.

I should also announce the arrival of my shiny new nephew, I am secretly calling him the Radish as his middle name is very similar (it's Bulgarian) and he will probably be a little ginger lad. He arrived, eventually just in time for Mummy to enjoy Christmas without a smiley tummy!!! Welcome to the world little fella.

Anyway it's New Years Eve already, how did that come around so quick????
Ok now I'm going to sound like a super spoilt brat but this time last year I was in New York with my buddies, it was the best!
This year as I've over spent from my holiday pot, I'm spending it with family & close friends. Kind of a role reversal with Christmas.

Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too, filled with love & laughter xxx

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Meets Noddy

It’s been ages since I posted anything. Although I have been super busy, I have managed to have a quick sneaky peak at other people blogs. If they can find the time….

Anyway I have been creating – mostly a mess in my living room!! I have jewellery laid out on the floor (late shop order) ready for ticketing, Christmas decorations overflowing from 3 boxes, presents and various brightly coloured wrappings piled high on the chairs.

Last weekend me and Mummy Butterfly had our first weekend off in ages. We have been doing lots of crafty craft fairs & ladies evenings. We took a trip to London to go to a perfume making workshop & a customising vintage clothes workshop.

We stayed at a wonderful hotel – the Town House in Bethnal Green, it was a special treat to thank mummy for all the help & knitting over the year. Not yet had a chance to count up just how many fabulous scarves she knitted throughout the year, but we sold over 100 in the last couple of fairs which was very nice indeed.

Anyway due to a special offer we ended up with an executive suite at the hotel, very contemporary but fabulous comfortable space. We enjoyed it so much that we cooked in the little kitchen one night. I’m sure that no one else ever does this, but we had been walking round London for 9 hours & we were pooped. Feet up, nice food, rose wine flowing, magazines, good music & plenty of chat & creative ideas. All in all a nice evening. We did manage to pop down to the bar for a couple of cheeky (and scrummy) cocktails too yum!

We tried a few different things like the Museum of Childhood which was just down

the road. I defy anyone to pop in there (it’s free too & has a great restaurant) and not have an awwww I had that toy moment! I saw on of the earliest Noddy toys. I was a huge Noddy fan when I was little, I always wanted his shoes, they were red & rather cute!

Sunday we went to Columbia Road Flower Market. Well if we hadn’t been getting the train home (and already had too much stuff accumulated) then I could have bought all sorts of berry decorations & fluffy cotton plants. So many lovely festive things that would have been fun to decorate my house with. I think this weekend I shall put on my Christmas playlist, drink mulled wine & dance around to Maria Carey All I want for Christmas (I love it!) and put up the crimble decs.

It was uber busy but we still managed to find some fabulous shops. Vintage Heaven sells lots of crockery & homeware. The café at the back is sweet, run by gorgeous super friendly & helpful people. The food & coffee is highly recommended & prices very reasonable.

Another super find was J&B The Shop. Oooh full of vintage homemade yummy things. London prices if you know what I mean, but a little bit of vintage eclectic lushness. I could have wrapped myself in it like a warm comforting duvet.

Anyway this is turning into a marathon ramble. It was supposed to be about the workshops.. will post that one later xxx