Thursday, 24 December 2009

Mistletoe and wine (for courage)!

Is it just in Norwich or further afield? There is an acute lacking of mistletoe around. Is this no longer a valid and innocent opportunity for a kiss?

Has health & safety ruined this too, due to risk of spreading coughs & colds or the potential of getting a slap from the receivers girl/boyfriend??!!

Also if I do get my hands on some mistletoe & by some chance of a miracle there is someone worth kissing - what is the cut off date? Surely up until NYE should be acceptable?

For fear of sounding a little desperate I shall sign off now & wish you all a very merry Christmas xxx

I hope all your dreams come true.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

What will Christmas bring...

Well I have worked like crazy and partied even harder over the last few months. It's been loads of fun, but my little body is feeling the strain now. My Christmas wish is for a huge lay in (preferably without hangover)!!
The picture of fabulous Audrey is a little like me last weekend after an opulent ball in London. I woke up complete with make up, jewellery still on & my tiara & entire bag contents lying on the bed next to me - classy!! Oh dear.
Anyway I foolishly invited lots of neighbours over to my parents house for mulled wine & mince pies for Christmas eve. I see more champagne corks popping and a headache on the horizon! I never learn.
Christmas eve is always a dressy affair for the family, it's a good chance to get the posh frocks out of storage and I do have some rather splendid vintage gloves that I haven't worn yet...

and did I show you the glitter ball handbag? This bag is so fabulous that it's inspired me to have a dinner party early next year all decorated in white & silver.... the photo doesn't quite do it justice.

Waking up with my glitter ball shimmering and throwing sparkles all over my bedroom is rather lovely too. I think it might stay up after the festivities!! x

Friday, 11 December 2009

Old Meets the New at Christmas

After the last couple of months of shopping for all things vintage, I am officially addicted. I decided that this should traverse into my home which is an odd 1970's one level house with great views of the river. Well what was a modern and minimalist interior is now becoming more personalised and has a scattering of old trinkets and pretty finds.
I found some fabulous old baubles in a local charity shop which I mixed in with some mini glitter balls and displayed in a glass vase. I now realise that decorating at night means that you think the vase (previously used for huge exotic stems) is clean and sparkly...
So to keep with the modern and my love for Perspex I have my Habitat (from a few years ago) mini tree.
If I can manage to take some decent photos I will show you the whole living room & the decorations so you can comment. My friends think I'm a misery as I don't have a Christmas tree other than the prised Perspex!! Well I think it's more eco friendly (and less mess!).
Happy weekend xxx

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Christmas Shopping in Medieval surroundings

This Saturday & Sunday we (Butterflies & Hurricanes) are displaying our wares at Dragon hall in Norwich. It is a beautiful Grade I listed medieval trading hall. It is the only known surviving building of its type in Western Europe.
Anyway I digress, it will be a really nice event with all handmade things made by local crafty crafters.
The opportunity to exhibit is by appointment only so I'm very proud to have been asked!!!
It will also be nice to display inside as my papa and I got drenched setting up for the craft & farmers market in Norwich last Sunday boo!!!
More information is available on their website...
Come and say helloooo if you live locally. And just for fun, if you mention this blog to me or Mummy Butterfly then you get 10% off anything you wish to buy from our stall.

Ooh we are showing our vintage scarf vest tops & customised corsets here too if we can squeeze them in!

Happy weekend to all of you & good luck with the shopping xx

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Little Vintage Lover Fair

Well what a well attended event this was. Well done Zoe! It was a lovely day and Mummy Butterfly & I were on the stage ha ha. That is to say that we had our stall on the stage, I haven’t been on stage since Guilty Pleasures in Camden last month when Jooles & I thought it would be sooo kool to dance on stage to various 80’s classics (oh dear, I never learn!).

Anyhoo back to le weekend. There were loads of stalls fitted into the Sussex barns near the lovely north Norfolk town of Burnham Market.

I treated myself to one of Zoe’s homemade glittery cupcakes yum & ended up with glittery lipstick all day!

We had lots of sparkly new jewellery on show and I hand made some candles and some Victorian image Christmas gift tags especially! Both went down rather well. I even found some vintage baubles to put on display!!

I treated myself (again) to some long pink gloves which come past my elbows. They may get an airing at the Christmas Dinner on Saturday, perhaps I should dust off the tiara too!!!

Looking forward to more Vintage Lover events next year.