Friday, 11 December 2009

Old Meets the New at Christmas

After the last couple of months of shopping for all things vintage, I am officially addicted. I decided that this should traverse into my home which is an odd 1970's one level house with great views of the river. Well what was a modern and minimalist interior is now becoming more personalised and has a scattering of old trinkets and pretty finds.
I found some fabulous old baubles in a local charity shop which I mixed in with some mini glitter balls and displayed in a glass vase. I now realise that decorating at night means that you think the vase (previously used for huge exotic stems) is clean and sparkly...
So to keep with the modern and my love for Perspex I have my Habitat (from a few years ago) mini tree.
If I can manage to take some decent photos I will show you the whole living room & the decorations so you can comment. My friends think I'm a misery as I don't have a Christmas tree other than the prised Perspex!! Well I think it's more eco friendly (and less mess!).
Happy weekend xxx

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