Sunday, 24 June 2012

Next Sunday... a Vintage Treat in Norfolk

Today I have been getting bits & bobs ready for the Little Vintage Lover Fair at Heydon Village Hall near Norwich (Norfolk - the UK one!).

 I have some lovely classic vintage leather handbags that were my dear Aunt Thelma's.  She was a very classy dresser and I have been fortunate enough to have been given a few treats from her over the years.  

 Anyway my little business Butterflies & Hurricanes is getting an outing.  Not so much happening with it this year & the website is pants but I'm a bit tied up in the full-time job.  However LVLF events are always lovely & there will be sunshine (we are outside) smiles, treats, cake & cuppas.  

 Its held in a pre-war village hall which is very cute in itself.  The hall will be filled with goodies & glorious finds such as Bobo Bun who collects & makes gorgeous things.

Mummy Butterfly & I will be outside at the back of the hall - the naughty corner I suspect!

For this event Butterflies & Hurricanes presents Vintage Boudoir Chic.

We have an eclectic mix of glass dressing table sets, trinket pots, candle sticks, hand mirrors, negligees, vintage stockings, cushions made from vintage fabrics, vintage jewellery, handmade jewellery made from old beads, vintage handbags and any other niceties that we find along the way.  Oh we also have a selection of craft & vintage books which are perfect for a bit of light bedtime reading.

It's going to be lots of fun, please do come & say hellooooo 
xx  Claire & Rona  xx

10am until 4pm  
Refreshments & tasty treats available. 
Heydon Village Hall, The Street, Heydon, Norfolk.  NR11 6AD £1.00 entry.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sun, Steam, Stress free days by the sea

All work and no play makes Claire a dull girl..... and Mr Fabulous fed up of her tired grumpy face!!
 sOOOOOO we took the train to Sherringham to see the big steam train!!
 Mr F regressed to a 5 year old, all grins & chatting to the train driver.
 Here you can almost see his tail wagging!! He was very happy indeed.
 The station is very nicely decorated - a step back in time.
 Apparently they do a amazing 1940's weekend here, I have to go.
 Sorry the train photos are rather guff, too many spotters in the way of my master shots ha ha
 Isn't the station pretty?
 The seats were lumpy & bouncy, made it funnier.

 I loved this picture, excuse the reflection.

It was so nice to take a day off & go out for some fun.  We had lunch too and browsed in antique shops. 
The train was fun too, might have to pop back & take a trip in the dining carriage.  A spot of wine & dinner, dressed up to the nines... whats not to love!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

To all the wonderful Fathers Past & Present

Daddieeeee you're the BEST!!

I'm lucky to still have my fab Dad around for the best hugs, chats, moans and the odd bit of DIY!!

Last night we went to see a hilarious play by a local dramatics company.  Mum got the giggles and we roared with laughter throughout.  

This is my dear papa on the Jubilee weekend.  Much cake, scones and Pimms were consumed by all.

Clearly the tie was a good purchase!  All vintage & patriotic events it makes an appearance.

Well I will leave you with a silly clean joke - vaguely topical..

They were going to name my brother after my father; but Dad is such a stupid name!! boom boom.

Hope you're all having some time off from the dull stuff. 
Claire   xxxx