Sunday, 27 March 2011

Brighton Rocks

This weekend I popped to Brighton for a couple of days. I hadn't been for years but it's such a great place I knew I would get inspired. I was going to see my lovely friend Ally who was having a jewellery party (like I need any more!) Lovett & Co vintage inspired jewellery and very nice it is too. What's so lovely is that there are collections from several different eras and plenty of gorgeous Mad Men styled jewels. oooh and there's loads of sparkle too, great for magpies like me.

I took the boyfriend to Brighton for company, plus it's nicer to share experiences and I get bored of my company after a while!! We stayed at a fab boutique hotel close to the sea Hotel Pelirocco. We had the Olivia room which was boudoir style & right up my street. The staff were super lovely & the cocktails are very good indeed.

The room was decorated with cute frilly knickers on bottom mannequins on the walls, old fashioned irons & a Singer sewing machine as accessories.

Above are the vintage light fittings made by Emerald Faerie which were embellished with antique crystals from chandeliers and old buckles & brooch bits & bobs. I thought they were great.

We went to so many fabulous and unique shops, ate far too much good food and so much booze I think I might have to detox this week. We had yummy fish & chips with a glass of champagne - it seemed a funny combination, so why not!
We had breakfast in bed with bloody Mary's too. It was great fun and nice to have time off from work and de-stress.
Another great place was a tea rooms called Metro Deco. We didn't make it for afternoon tea sadly but we did still manage to soak up the Art Deco atmosphere whilst having some breakfast. Anyway we were blessed with sunshine so it made the trip even better.
It was a lovely lazy time and done on a budget too.

I hope you all had a sunshine filled weekend too with some relaxation. xx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

In the Mood

Well last night was the 1940's evening and incredibly it was in walking (ok staggering) distance of my parent's house. This and the fact my friend Max was available 2 hours earlier than planned led to a couple of cheeky Martini Rosatos with pomegranate juice, and a bottle of fizz before we left the house. However that, some upbeat wartime music, heated rollers & enough war paint to sink an enemy battle ship really got us into the mood.

We mucked about so much with hair, fascinators & taking silly snaps that we were only just on time in the end!! The first piccy is my Ma & Pa with the rather photogenic Max.
And here she is again with Foxy Loxy. Now Foxy didn't come out to play as we didn't want to offend or upset anyone. We don't agree with animals being killed for fur but Foxy was he Grandma's and we don't agree with landfill either. It's a quandary really when there are such beautiful furs around but my conscience is much happier with my equally gorgeous faux furs.
Blimey that was a bit heavy for a Sunday with a headache - ok it's a mild hangover. Yes I just watched Midsummer Murders in it's entirety whilst covered with a blanket and propped up by scatter cushions!! Please don't tell anyone!
This is she & me on a break from the dance floor. I decided that if I didn't know how to do the proper dance steps, then I should just make up my own. It was much funnier anyway!
The event was brilliant, all decked out with wartime posters & bunting. There were signs for air raid shelters & a NAFFI shop selling spam rolls!!
The Jonathan Wyatt band were incredible as always. We just couldn't sit still.

Yes father's RAF hat did the rounds. ....Much to their husbands' delights!
I think Tina won the best pin up photo.
Hope you all had a splendid weekend too - minus the headache :-P

Friday, 18 March 2011

Shall we dance? – in my case badly!

I’m off to a nice vintage event tomorrow night. Another Big Band evening but this time with dancing, that should be entertainment in itself!!

Three of us have been to an introduction Ceroc class and err that’s about it. All made better by another friend joining us who’s an ex ballerina and so good at Ceroc, Salsa (and everything else to be honest!!) that the room stops to watch (groans with envy).

We were laughing (mostly at our ourselves) about Ceroc classes last night, many more women than men at the one we went to. Trust me, most of the guys weren’t complaining. I have heard that this is a good place to meet potential suitors – opportunity for too many smutty one liners that I really shouldn’t mention!! Anyway I lost track of the times I was severely reprimanded for not letting the man lead. I put this down to the fact that a modern gal has to hold her own so to speak in business and life generally. I found it really hard especially when the guys freestyle & you’re supposed to “just know” what moves they are planning - well I just couldn’t manage to hold my crystal ball at the same time! I guess it gets easier with time???? I hope! Ha.

One gentleman told me “just let the man tell you what to do” I had to hold my tongue rather than inform him that was just one of the reasons that I wasn't married!! he he

I digress! It’s the Jonathan Wyatt band again and I’m dragging more friends along each time they’re so good. The night promises more Glenn Miller, a Frank Sinatra singer and plenty more war time music. Since it’s a 1940’s evening we are of course dressing up – any excuse to be honest! Hopefully my photography skills will be good enough to post our outfits and the hilarity had by all. I think my 3 year old niece Abigail will steal the show and the dance floor – definitely a diva in the making he he.

Wishing you a very splendid weekend xx

Thursday, 17 March 2011

A nice new Shop in Aylsham

Last Saturday my friend Julie opened a gorgeous new shop in Aylsham (on Red Lion Street), Norfolk. Filled with locally sourced goodies mostly handmade things. Great for unusual gifts, gorgeous handmade jewellery (I’m taking about her jewels, I’m much too modest to sing Butterflies & Hurricanes praises) but we so have some nice things displayed there too. She also has bags and dresses made with vintage fabrics to painted T-shirts and baseball boots. Vintage inspired and made products make up lots of the loveliness from teacup candles & cupcakes to up-cycled chairs covered in a resplendent mix of fabrics.

Other reasons to visit Aylsham. Well you really need more that one reason to visit somewhere what with the price of fuel and the carbon footprint to consider.

There is a lovely tearoom called the Tea Rooms or something suitably similar! Good for morning coffee and a cheese scone or homemade cakes yum. A nice clothing boutique called Blossom & Green and a wonderful toy shop with really different toys, gifts and learning games.

It’s worth a browse in the charity shops too, nice for little vintage finds. I purchased a working Singer sewing machine for £12.00 in one and a Day Birger et Mikkelsen black silk dress (brand new) for £15.00.

After a little light shopping and lunch, there’s always Blickling Hall just down the road which has lovely gardens to walk around, tea rooms and the house is pretty impressive too.

Also Holt is just a few miles away with plenty more cute boutiques if the shopping bug has bitten. And that’s where I ended up and bought the ball dress & evening coat from my previous blog – like I needed either. Oops he he xxx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Vintage Viewings

If I'm honest, I'm not really a fan of Sundays. Too close to Monday & being back at work. Plus unless it's sunny and spent with friends then it's often chores day. Today is that such day.

Bored of shuffling paperwork & not really achieving very much I decided to see what's on TV. Ahhhh Agatha Christie's Marple, nice bit of easy viewing usually with at least one pice of eye candy, a beautiful and stylish woman with clothes to die for, vintage sports cars and beautiful properties. That and a 1/2 bottle of vino should keep the boredom at bay for a wee bit.

Onto better things, yesterday afternoon I wandered over to Holt and popped into a fabulous little vintage / antique clothing shop called Past Caring. The sad news is that it's closing for the summer, the lovely ladies are after a break & why not. The good news is that there were bargains to be had. I'm a sucker for ball dresses, I already have a 1950's one in eau de nil that wants altering.. sorry Mum but I bought another - this is mesh net again but in pale blue. I think it needs a little something on the bust & the over the shoulder train needs playing with.... oh and I need a Summer ball or two to go to. All minor details.

I also decided on a late 1950,s / early 60's black Satin evening coat. I thought it might go with a beautiful dress that I got from the lovely Emmie which is about the same period I think. I wore this to the Goodwood Revival last year & wasn't quite as warm as I pretended I was! I did manage to pop on a champagne cloak later though ha ha - much classier than a beer coat!!

Anyway I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and treated yourself to something nice xx

Friday, 4 March 2011

Walking on Sunshine!

yipppeeee it's sunny!!
I love the sun, it makes me smile.
I've also treated myself to some nice things this morning - bribing myself is what it's come to!! I have a friend opening a shop in Aylsham next Saturday & I have things to make, finish, price tags to add.... not that it's not nice chores, although I get get the vacuum out earlier (shudder). That's up there with ironing.

Sooo my treats so far were freshly ground coffee, two mugs which will make me bounce like tigger! And poached eggs on toasted muffins with watercress. Never added that before but it was lovely, I guess it's not a million miles from spinach & that's so yummy with eggs & hollandaise sauce.

Anyway I just wanted to say that I hope it's sunny wherever you are - even if it's just sunny in your heart. Have a wonderful Friday (I love Fridays too).

Gosh I'm lovely dovey today - blame the sun for getting the serotonin going!! Hope I didn't make you want to vomit!!