Friday, 4 March 2011

Walking on Sunshine!

yipppeeee it's sunny!!
I love the sun, it makes me smile.
I've also treated myself to some nice things this morning - bribing myself is what it's come to!! I have a friend opening a shop in Aylsham next Saturday & I have things to make, finish, price tags to add.... not that it's not nice chores, although I get get the vacuum out earlier (shudder). That's up there with ironing.

Sooo my treats so far were freshly ground coffee, two mugs which will make me bounce like tigger! And poached eggs on toasted muffins with watercress. Never added that before but it was lovely, I guess it's not a million miles from spinach & that's so yummy with eggs & hollandaise sauce.

Anyway I just wanted to say that I hope it's sunny wherever you are - even if it's just sunny in your heart. Have a wonderful Friday (I love Fridays too).

Gosh I'm lovely dovey today - blame the sun for getting the serotonin going!! Hope I didn't make you want to vomit!!



  1. at last in London we are on day 2 of the big-blue-bright-day....feels like being back in NY....just for a moment....what a difference a day makes!!

  2. Ooh gorgeous blog, thank you for your comments on mine. Sunshine makes me feel like that too, spring is really nearly here isn't it? Your ski holiday looks fab - where did you go? I have the same needing to be hypnotised to do it issues but I am getting better - it would help if I liked heights, speed and steepness - snow is the only thing I love about it, that and the delicious food and drink x


I love reading your comments, plus it reminds me that someone other than my mummy is actually reading my blog!!! he he xx