Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My fashion shoot

So Saturday turned out sunny – eventually, which meant that I could carry out my fashion shoot outdoors.

Ok, I’m also building this up a lot, when you understand that my location is Mummy Butterflies' garden and the model was a perfect sized 12 headless mannequin by the name of Maude!!! No need for a make up artist with Maude he he.

On the sunny side, the scarves were knitted by Mummy Butterfly & the tops made by me. We might be more cottage industry than couture at the moment, but at least we are having fun!!

Well a little about the scarves... my mummy find knitting really relaxing - I personally prefer giggling & chatting nonsense with friends over a glass of wine but hey! So she created this scarf design a couple of years ago and had created it in all different colours and types of yarn, sometimes adding ribbon and sparkly thread (being a bit of a magpie i love this). As much as I love to protest, I think it is getting to scarf selling time on my little stall. And that means that the thermals will have to come out of storage too :( What a fox I am eh?!!!)

Friday, 18 September 2009

Shopping on the sunny side of the street

R and I had to pop to London for an appointment, so we thought why not mix business with pleasure. As the meeting was near to Baker Street it seemed fitting to peruse the scrummy boutiques or Marylebone High Street. Drooling over the Conran Store’s uber cool stereo systems and dining tables was enough of a work out to earn a coffee, so off to Pat vals we went! Those who frequent Patisserie Valerie (or just ogle the fabulous chocolate swirl cakes through the windows like me) will know that it would be rude to just order coffee. Well the pain au chocolat was larger than my handbag! Fuelled up we decided to amble into boutique chocolatiers, mouth watering shoe shops and offset it with a little clothing interest.

Lunch was at Eat and Two Veg which has great service and really great food. It’s a place you can take most carnivores – maybe keep the vegi bit quiet if you can he he. Anyway whilst chilling over a lengthy & relaxed continental inspired luncheon, Sophie Dahl breezed in with her entourage looking stunning. So it even has the celebrity seal of approval!!

Another wonderful place we found was Deploy. It labels itself as demi couture clothing for women – nice title! They create beautiful pieces which are wearable in various different ways. There was a fabulous mac of which the over shoulder part could be detached and worn as a cute cropped jacket, perfect for an evening out. Another configuration was for it to be worn as a dress! There were many clever designs, great styling, and much food for thought. Definitely worth a visit & chat to the sweet and enthusiastic staff.

Anyway we had a wonderful time even though we didn't buy anything for the wardrobe, partly due to the fact that we ate so much we wouldn't be able to fit into anything he he xx

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The eagerly awaited photo!!!!!!

Ha ha - thank you for your kind comments xoxo
Mummy Butterfly will be horrified to find me posting this photo, perhaps I should have photoshopped it first!! Anyway it was exciting to find us in the magazine, especially as there were some much nicer stalls (and more photogenic people) at the fair. Lucky for you all this photo is quite small :) Anyway it was a beautiful day and the next fair should be a perfect chance to treat yourself to some vintage treats for Christmas x

It's taking place on sunday 29th November, at Sussex Barns, Burnham Market, Norfolk PE31 8JY. 11am-5pm and costs just £1 entry and 50p for students, free for children. for full details.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Vintage Fair in the Norfolk Magazine

Well i finally picked up a copy of the Norfolk Magazine this weekend. I was hoping to be able to have a free browse through to see if Zoe's Little Vintage Loves Fair was covered he he; however it was shrink wrapped!! Anyway it was worth the £3 gamble! he he. There was a 3 page article on the lovely little fair which also mentioned the future fair too. Much to my surprise there was also a photo of me an Mummy Butterfly behind our stall! I will add the photo so you can have a good laugh at how un-photogenic we both are. xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

North Norfok Extravaganza

Well last weekend was all about the parties, this weekend was a complete cultural contrast. My fabulous Devonian friends popped over for a visit to my little home by the sea. We did a North Norfolk tour of hidden gems.

We popped into Big Blue Sky in Wells, great for unusual gifts. Stiffkey Post Office Stores which is the cutest cool P.O. ever. Their coffee & cupcakes are a must and it’s lovely to relax there surrounded by interiors & recipe books that get the creativity flowing.

Wiveton Farm Café near Blakeney which does the best food ever and has views of endless rolling Norfolk landscape ending up with the deepest blue sea.

Not content with just the 3 stops, we decided to shoehorn a flying visit to East Ruston gorgeous gardens. Sooooo worth a visit, the gardens are a-mazing!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Cupcake Update x

This weekend was the big cupcake sale for charity Nelson's Journey. Mummy Butterfly baked a stupendous 350 cupcakes, which was incredible news until it dawned in that split second that T& I would be decorating all of them!!! If I ever see a box of icing sugar again i might cry!! I was telling Caroline that I don't know how she does it for a living. That said; the first 100 were fun!!!

Big thanks to the NJ girls who sold many many cupcakes at the Gala Day at the Norfolk Showground.
Huge thanks to M who very kindly took loads to work to sell to her lovely colleagues. Thanks to all at NCC who supported & purchased.

Well this is becoming a bit of an Oscar acceptance speech ... but thanks to my Mummy and to T and baby butterfly for baking & decorating skills. I also think I found my vocation in piping ha ha 1 in 5 chocolate buttercream topped were pretty well done if I do say so myself he :)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Well last night I went to one of my favourite venues, Cinema City in Norwich. Unusually I wasn’t there for the fabulous food or the screening of something cultured (ok so a girl can pretend J). I was there to see my friend Jess Morgan perform. She has the most beautiful voice, we think she’s a similar sound to Katie Melua but with more style. The clever girl writes her own material too. There are music clips on her website which are really worth checking out. He sound is kind of dreamy folk style. It’s lovely to hear & really relaxing.

Oh and to keep in the vein of fashion, vintage jewellery & cupcakes..... I was wearing a beautiful vintage layered chain necklace, sporting a high necked animal print top and eating the Cinema City homemade carrot cake whilst listening. Heaven for all the senses xx he he

Photo by Andi Sapey