Sunday, 29 August 2010

My little studio

Well it's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote, I've been doing lots of blog reading but no writing.

I haven't been lazy, maybe a little spoilt! Had a gorgeous long weekend in Cornwall with some of my bestest friends. Much hilarity was had by all, especially when Linda & I got the canoe stuck in the mud - it wasn't our fault though ha ha!!! Good old Gates was our hero for the day as he managed to get us to solid land with the aid of wooden planks ha ha.

It was all rather embarrasing but extremely funny at the same time! Anyway it was a holiday to remember!

Since then I have been transforming my spare room from (not often used) sumptuous boudoir to studio for Butterflies & Hurricanes (my little business). So I shall have space to create (mess!) and play without my whole house looking like it's been burgled!

It's still work in progress but thought I would post a few pictures of how it's coming along. More images & mood boards to go on the walls I think, plus I was considering putting some of my old fashion illustrations up too. It seems silly to leave all that hard work in a portfolio...

It's only a matter of time before it's all a creative explosion of mess but I can't wait to get the jewellery designs out of my head & into real pieces.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend xxx

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I love it when an outfit comes together!

Mummy Butterfly was detoxing her wardrobe and found some fabulous evening dresses that she won't wear again...... of course it would be silly of me not to try before I think of selling them at the next vintage fair.

This one has to be kept as I found that I had shoes to match already!!! What are the chances of that? I should have accessorised the photo properly - must try harder next time!!

Anyway it's a pretty polka pattern in a devore style. it's actually dark blue with a pink lining underneath. I think it will be lovely for a party - ideally something I needn't wear shoes for too much as they are not the most comfortable ha ha.

There are more that I would love to share with you & see what you think. Normally a gal can't have too many dresses, however I do believe I have exceeded my quota this summer oops naughty me!! xx

Monday, 9 August 2010

Vintage Lovers

Sunday was a Little Vintage Lover Fair in Burnham Market, North Norfolk. Mummy Butterfly & I had a lovely day eating Zoe's home-made mini Victoria sponge cakes with real cream yummy!

The stall was pretty eclectic and we had lots of new things and little bits & bobs like bags of vintage buttons which went down very well. The new cards & gift tags flew out the rather nice writing case that Mama cleverly displayed.

We purchased a few things of course... Mummy bought these great postcards from lovely Julie at Beach Bygones and I still in my Grace Kelly mood snapped up a 1950's feather skull cap.
It is feeling more at home now it has made friends with my Stetson & awesome orange vintage favourite.

Day trippers

Well I have been rubbish at blogging recently so I thought it was time I redeemed myself and told you what has been occupying my time.

Friday I went to London with some lovely girlfriends. We started and ended with a bit of Harvey Nichols. I was impressed with the windows. The car was made with small plastic race horses and the dress from wooden clothes pegs. The Fifth Floor Bar was the final destination for cocktails & people watching!!
We also went to the Grace Kelly Exhibition at the V&A as a splash of culture!! It was nice but I think would have been even better if there were more photos of the style icon in the dresses shown on mannequins. She really was a beautiful woman and we all decided that we wanted to spend the next rainy Sunday indoors watching Grace Kelly films x

Lovely to be at the V&A again, it had been too long & it's so wonderful.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A Vintage Find

As I was having a little look around the Langham Street Fayre last Saturday I found the most gorgeous stall filled with loveliness.

A pretty collection of vintage finds, handmade items and revamped & reupholstered antiques.

The very creative Deborah who is the proud owner of this fabulous stall has a website coming soon at but you can register and be informed when it launches so that you won't miss a thing!

Not the best photos ever as I was trying to snap shots between customers but hopefully you can see how lovely everything was.