Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cocktails & Cupcakes

I had a lovely customer last Sunday at the Lord Mayor's Music festival in Norwich, we were chatting about the knitted cupcakes (as you do) and the up and coming Vintage fair that I'm exhibiting at - see fab flyer attached.
We got to discussing making cupcakes & afternoon tea. Well her idea was far cooler than a pot of Earl Grey - Cocktails & Cupcakes, love it!
I think I may invite myself around to my friends garden at le weekend for a spot of croquet, cocktails & cupcakes.... or I found a recipe for Pimms Jelly served up in vintage mis-matched glasses. I might just have to post that one, it's too good not to share!!
Let the party begin xx

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Vintage Heirlooms

On visiting my lovely local library in Gorleston-on-Sea I discovered a gorgeous crafty book that Mummy Butterfly coveted while I blinked. It's a vintage styled book with old patterns, images & tips called "Pretty Little Things to Make: 25 Heirloom Projects for Babies and Toddlers" by Judith More.

I have found it on Amazon too in case you are interested.

It's all about the vintage children's cute clothes and making little accessories in easy steps in an easy to follow way.
A really nice book just for the images, no good if you don't have any little people to make for though!!

Knitting up a storm

We started with knitted baby teddies that sold quicker than they could be made. Then a while ago Mummy Butterfly knitted some very sweet calorie free cakes. At Big Blue Sky I have also seen knitted sandwiches!! Is there no limit to the knitting bug?
Well MB has now progressed to knitted hedgehogs!! I would post a photo, but they all sold out on day one! It's not just the kids loving these either - the most interest was from the emo crowd at the Music festival that I was displaying at.
Grandma Butterfly told me a story of her friend fashioning a very trendy knitted swimsuit back in the day which when mixed with water sagged to her knees much to her embarrasment and sheer horror.
So whatever is next.... maybe I could get Mummy to knit me up a holiday!!