Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Knitting up a storm

We started with knitted baby teddies that sold quicker than they could be made. Then a while ago Mummy Butterfly knitted some very sweet calorie free cakes. At Big Blue Sky I have also seen knitted sandwiches!! Is there no limit to the knitting bug?
Well MB has now progressed to knitted hedgehogs!! I would post a photo, but they all sold out on day one! It's not just the kids loving these either - the most interest was from the emo crowd at the Music festival that I was displaying at.
Grandma Butterfly told me a story of her friend fashioning a very trendy knitted swimsuit back in the day which when mixed with water sagged to her knees much to her embarrasment and sheer horror.
So whatever is next.... maybe I could get Mummy to knit me up a holiday!!

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