Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Vintage Valentine

Vintage Valentines greetings to you all xxx
 Well it's that sickly day of the year again.  
Much to Mr Fabulous' dismay, I am not one of the great romantics! 
 I did however buy a card & write a little ditty in it....
 And I will dress up in a pretty frock (no ribbons in my hair though) for dinner tonight.
 I shall try my best not too drink too much & become irritating (argumentative!)
 And I will maintain my best table manners & behave like a lady.
I should count my blessings ....One friend is desperately hoping that she won't get another heart holding cuddly teddy bear - could be worse if it was in a helium balloon too ha ha.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Rest in Peace Whitney Houston

Sad news, I can only assume that the addictions won in the end. 

However it was only last weekend I was on a hen do dancing away to a few of her best 80's hits - "I wanna dance with somebody" got the whole group going & some of the girls weren't even born in the 80's.  The bar played the video too with her huuuuge blonde curls - oooh the memories!!  I also confess to watching Thw Bodyguard on TV a couple of weeks ago - Everyone in my family had been given the soundtrack album forever ago ha ha.  Many an hour was spent warbling away to that!!! Also had a cringy crush on Keving Costner in this film ooohhhh dear; should I be admitting that!! 

Anyway I hope Whitney & her incredible voice are in a happier place now.