Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Vintage Tea Party

I've seen a few blogs about this wonderful book and two from very stylish ladies Fleur and Gemma who had the delight of attending the launch party. Their blogs cover this book in more detail too so you will see just how lovely it is.

Anyway I heard about this vintage tea party book & snapped one up straight away, immediately copied off an invitation template (from the book) added a date two days later (what was I thinking) and organised my very own vintage tea party.

The book covers all things from venues, decorations, vintage hair styling & make up to loads of inventive recipes. Lemon scones with lavender cream is something I'm keen to try out and the candy striped meringues may well be a feature at the next dinner party!! There are drinky poos ideas too & wild hibiscus champagne and Gunfire (Dark Rum & Breakfast Tea!!) sound incredible. .... temped yet??

Please excuse my poor & lack of photos but my friends arrived on time (a concept I struggle to achieve myself) and Mr F & I were still making sandwiches. Well you can't fault the freshness ha ha!!
The mini trifles and Pimms Jelly were my favourite makes - although using my old glass jelly molds didn't work. Basically they looked like they had jumped from the balcony and splatted on the plate!! What I really wanted was a selection of mismatched glasses for the jelly.

The open cream cheese & cucumber sandwiches idea in the book is fabulous & went down very well - mine were square due to time (lack of) but were popular all the same. Oh and I would always recommend cheese & pineapple on sticks - these went before I could blink!!
I also managed to have an empty plate on the table .... there were so many cakes thanks to Mummy Butterfly that the office has been stuffing their faces for Britain this week!!

Anyway everyone had fun & enjoyed the food & drinks - some even had tea!
The book is lovely and really inspiring, I think there may be a few spin off tea parties - I'll be glad to attend this time - as fun as it was, it's a lot of work.

Thankfully it's a nice relaxing bank holiday weekend for me -Pimms jelly for breakfast anyone??!! Have a wonderful weekend xxx

Friday, 19 August 2011

Crafts, Cars, Chaps & Cakes

Last Sunday Mr Fabulous was enjoying a chin wag and a good ole mug of tea with Mr Perfect. Let me tell you that Mr Fabulous (self titled) boyfriend of mine’s ego smashes through the roof when he’s dressed up like the dapper chap he likes to be & Mr Perfect is yours truly’s Pater. Named actually by my Mater, as he can do no wrong (at least that’s what he thinks!!).

Anyway back to a very splendid sunny afternoon in the Norfolk countryside. We all popped along to the Norwich Rugby Club for a charity afternoon tempted by the lure of vintage cars and the best of British… the Spitfire!! The chaps were silent at last, just grins like small boys as the Spitfire spiralled, pirouetted and dropped through the air.. finally disappearing through a perfectly shaped hole in the clouds.

The fellas chuntered on some more, so their lasses sodded off for a coffee.

Anyway this Sunday is the great Burnham Market Craft Fair – the 36th year indeed. This is possibly Mummy Butterflies & my favorite events. Great weather, lovely people, lots of gorgeous things to try & buy all in a beautiful setting. Saturday 20th August 10am to 5pm there’s lots for everyone to enjoy.

Last month Mr Fabulous had been a pillar of support for us luck girlies at the Vintage London Festival. Doffing his hat and offering sweet salutations to ladies a plenty. There is no end to the suffering will go to for me… (seriously, his ego was the size of an airship and polished to mirror finish). When he was repeatedly asked by pretty young ladies if they could have their photo taken with him!! Ooh Rather!!!

Anyway I’m rambling as usual. So for anyone feeling that they would like to meet the real Mr Fabulous and you happen to be around North Norfolk on Saturday then please pop along and say whatto ole chap, how the devil are you & toodle pip old stick and so on. Anyway Mr F will be doffing the straw boater this very weekend or if you prefer jewellery of the vintage & up-cycled persuasion then come & see Mummy B & I. We are all dressing for the occasion in different eras.

I'm not photogenic at the best of times... but Elvis on the dashboard is!! Coool and check out his Hula hula lady friend!
Hope you all have a fabulous fun filled weekend xxx

Friday, 12 August 2011

My latest love

OMG I was just watching a bit of telly - unusual anyway but it wasn't even CSI!! I thought I would check out Beyonce (I do heart her after seeing her & the Destiny's Child gals in one of their last gigs many enos ago) anyhoooo she rocked the crowd I sat on my chubby butt supping wine & grinning like a proud mother!! ha ha. I cried wheh she did a cover of Prince's The Beautiful ones - ooooh that song always affected me & in my soppier days - yep I blubbed.

Sooo the point of the blog is the follow on was a gorgeous young gal called Janelle Monae - ok so you all already know her... what can I say, i'm soooo outta touch. She's amazing. Just as soon as I can remember my i-toons password I'll be downloading for Britain!! So for anyone as "totally clueless" as me.. well she does covers of Stevie Wonder, 60's 70's rock toons, kinda Alisha Keys meets Grace Jones & the whole 9 yards in between. It's all very Op Art, struttin' a cool look, & she's Skin - Skunk Anansie kinda beautiful - do things get any better????

Monday, 8 August 2011

Back to reality, with a bump!

Where the obsession began - the Sindy Dressing table!!

Well Vintage London Festival was lots of fun but really hard work. To be honest I'm pooped and I spent most of the weekend cleaning & tidying my very messy house. Mr Fabulous has been laying on the floor in the living room - just because he can. He thinks that he hasn't seen the living room floor for months!! Well it was covered in jewellery, swing tickets....

Here are a few snaps of our little Boudoir stall - dressing table chic we like to think!! Lots of jewellery made with vintage beads, dressing table sets from Art Deco to the seventies, negligees & other bits & bobs.
Paperpoms lovely stall & even lovelier Mummy

I met lots & lots of lovely people including sweetie fellow blogger & vintage lover Charlotte (sorry the photos were too terrible to add!!) who was superbly turned out each day - quite put me to shame. I had the nicest neighbours at my little stall including Juliette Paperpoms who was brilliant fun & super duper helpful. Saturday evening Mr Fabulous popped some champagne & Mummy Butterfly organised a mini party for our favourite people - we had a scream!!
Other highlights were the Chap Olympiad which was hilarious.

Louise & Sophie were our amazing organisers - they were the nicest most helpful kind girlies we could have dreamed for. Thank you sooo much to them.
Check out this duuude, I totally dig his threads!
Anyway I hope you had a great time if you popped along - and if not I hope the weather was as good to you wherever you were xx