Friday, 19 August 2011

Crafts, Cars, Chaps & Cakes

Last Sunday Mr Fabulous was enjoying a chin wag and a good ole mug of tea with Mr Perfect. Let me tell you that Mr Fabulous (self titled) boyfriend of mine’s ego smashes through the roof when he’s dressed up like the dapper chap he likes to be & Mr Perfect is yours truly’s Pater. Named actually by my Mater, as he can do no wrong (at least that’s what he thinks!!).

Anyway back to a very splendid sunny afternoon in the Norfolk countryside. We all popped along to the Norwich Rugby Club for a charity afternoon tempted by the lure of vintage cars and the best of British… the Spitfire!! The chaps were silent at last, just grins like small boys as the Spitfire spiralled, pirouetted and dropped through the air.. finally disappearing through a perfectly shaped hole in the clouds.

The fellas chuntered on some more, so their lasses sodded off for a coffee.

Anyway this Sunday is the great Burnham Market Craft Fair – the 36th year indeed. This is possibly Mummy Butterflies & my favorite events. Great weather, lovely people, lots of gorgeous things to try & buy all in a beautiful setting. Saturday 20th August 10am to 5pm there’s lots for everyone to enjoy.

Last month Mr Fabulous had been a pillar of support for us luck girlies at the Vintage London Festival. Doffing his hat and offering sweet salutations to ladies a plenty. There is no end to the suffering will go to for me… (seriously, his ego was the size of an airship and polished to mirror finish). When he was repeatedly asked by pretty young ladies if they could have their photo taken with him!! Ooh Rather!!!

Anyway I’m rambling as usual. So for anyone feeling that they would like to meet the real Mr Fabulous and you happen to be around North Norfolk on Saturday then please pop along and say whatto ole chap, how the devil are you & toodle pip old stick and so on. Anyway Mr F will be doffing the straw boater this very weekend or if you prefer jewellery of the vintage & up-cycled persuasion then come & see Mummy B & I. We are all dressing for the occasion in different eras.

I'm not photogenic at the best of times... but Elvis on the dashboard is!! Coool and check out his Hula hula lady friend!
Hope you all have a fabulous fun filled weekend xxx


  1. Have a brilliant weekend! I love an old motor, probably a bit too much as we've got five vintage cars currently on the drive! x

  2. Mr Perfect and Mr Fabulous sound a right ole pair - I'd love to meet them both and have my pic taken with them too:). I hope you had a wonderful time at the Burnham Market Fair and took lots of piccys!! xo

  3. Your blog was such a lucky find!
    I'm following,zooming through all
    your posts!
    I've always wanted a classic car you're
    a luck gal!

    xx Tribal Fox Vintage


I love reading your comments, plus it reminds me that someone other than my mummy is actually reading my blog!!! he he xx