Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Vintage Tea Party

I've seen a few blogs about this wonderful book and two from very stylish ladies Fleur and Gemma who had the delight of attending the launch party. Their blogs cover this book in more detail too so you will see just how lovely it is.

Anyway I heard about this vintage tea party book & snapped one up straight away, immediately copied off an invitation template (from the book) added a date two days later (what was I thinking) and organised my very own vintage tea party.

The book covers all things from venues, decorations, vintage hair styling & make up to loads of inventive recipes. Lemon scones with lavender cream is something I'm keen to try out and the candy striped meringues may well be a feature at the next dinner party!! There are drinky poos ideas too & wild hibiscus champagne and Gunfire (Dark Rum & Breakfast Tea!!) sound incredible. .... temped yet??

Please excuse my poor & lack of photos but my friends arrived on time (a concept I struggle to achieve myself) and Mr F & I were still making sandwiches. Well you can't fault the freshness ha ha!!
The mini trifles and Pimms Jelly were my favourite makes - although using my old glass jelly molds didn't work. Basically they looked like they had jumped from the balcony and splatted on the plate!! What I really wanted was a selection of mismatched glasses for the jelly.

The open cream cheese & cucumber sandwiches idea in the book is fabulous & went down very well - mine were square due to time (lack of) but were popular all the same. Oh and I would always recommend cheese & pineapple on sticks - these went before I could blink!!
I also managed to have an empty plate on the table .... there were so many cakes thanks to Mummy Butterfly that the office has been stuffing their faces for Britain this week!!

Anyway everyone had fun & enjoyed the food & drinks - some even had tea!
The book is lovely and really inspiring, I think there may be a few spin off tea parties - I'll be glad to attend this time - as fun as it was, it's a lot of work.

Thankfully it's a nice relaxing bank holiday weekend for me -Pimms jelly for breakfast anyone??!! Have a wonderful weekend xxx


  1. Holy hell look at all that fooooooooooood!!!!! I don't know how you managed to get food pics - I'm always too busy diving in! xoxo

  2. Your blog is so adorable! I love vintage everything and tea parties! Perfect combination. =)

  3. Wow that all looks gorgeous, must try to find this book. Have been reading your blog for ages but have only just set up my own blog and become a follower, thanks to my lovely daughter Penny at Strawberry laces who has helped me set things up. We wondered will you be at the next little Vintage Lovers Fair? We hope to be there. x


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