Monday, 26 April 2010

My Birthday Hot Date!!!

Well thank you to my fab friends bloggers and non alike who helped my with my mini crisis (pathetic girly moment of what to wear). My mummy lent me a gorgeous vintage lace prom dress in the end!! I felt like I was going to the opera in a posh frock & pearls.

Well we went to By Appointment in Norwich which is a gorgeous restaurant filled with eclectic mix of antiques. The food was incredible and it was really friendly & relaxed - not at all scary and snooty like some posh restaurants are.

I was treated like a princess by my lovely date and drank champagne (maybe a little too much) and was a little tipsy!!
The photo is me being shy after my tart au citron turned up with a Birthday message & the other diners sang to me - oh the shame!!! ha ha

I shall definitely be borrowing Mummy Butterfly's dress again, but might add a big satin ribbon, shash or cumberband for colour...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, I've had an amazing weekend with wonderful friends - and my now boyfriend!! xxx Claire

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dinner Date Dress Dilemma

Oh my gosh, I have a date this weekend.
This is quite an unusual thing for me as I tend to busy myself with making jewellery & accessories, selling them at events & seeing my friends in between. Ok if I'm honest, I have been avoiding it all together - bad dates with Mr Boring are quite off putting!!

Anyway I'm being taken out to dinner by a rather lovely gentleman (I didn't think they still existed!!). We are going to (I have just been informed) a very posh restaurant in Norwich. Now I have a "what to wear" quandary. I'm hoping that someone can help!!

I refuse to purchase as I have lots of pretty dresses that I rarely wear.

The 1st image is a beautiful silk handkerchief dress with embroidery from Laura Lees. It's quite summery and very forgiving for when I eat too much yummy food!

The 2nd is an image I love from M&S of all things! I have a pink & red beaded skirt from Karen Millen which is rather opulent & I have a couple of fabulous vintage brooches I could use to pin the cardigan as in the image.

The third is me on the right hand side! I couldn't find a picture of a similar dress on the internet - darn it!
It's a beautiful beaded & sequinned vintage shift dress. I had pinned a giant (Carrie Bradshaw inspired) corsage onto it. I won't be wearing those stockings again as they make me look like a corpse!

I also have a beautiful hot pink 1920s cocktail dress, but it's boned (and tiny) and not good for dinners hummmm.

Any inspirations would be very gratefully received xxx
Thank you

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Burlesque Birthday

I know it's nearly the weekend again (hurrahhhhh), but I wanted to tell you about my last weekend.
I have been fortunate enough to have a brilliant year so far of meeting up with my great friends, but I think this weekend may have been up there with the craziest.

Friday evening was an amazing black tie dinner to which I wore a beautiful black vintage lace shift dress with a sateen bow on the shoulder. Thank you to Emmie who I purchased this dress from, it was perfect for the occasion.

Anyway Saturday night was my gorgeous friend Linda's Birthday so we dashed off to London to meet up with 14 of our closest & silliest friends. We had planned a dinner with entertainment at the Brickhouse on Brick Lane. Everyone knew it was Burlesque entertainment, much to all the guys delight. But it wasn't until we arrived that we remembered that it was drag burlesque! ooops, it was a genuine memory lapse as we had viewed so many websites for ideas!! I now know that my brother is a prude (ha ha) his girlfriend is a bigger burlesque fan than me (I thought impossible) and G just can't handle situations like that he he. It was such a brilliant show, funny, great dancing, high kicks like you can't believe and some serious spangly outfits. Highly recommended. Oh and there's no stripping in case you have any faint hearted friends like I do. I thought these male chums of mine were made of stronger stuff ;-)

next is to plan another trip to Birdcage in Manchester, I can' t wait xxx

Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter treats

I have had a lovely creative & inspiring Easter weekend.
Saturday I met up with some fabulous friends for a trip to Woodbridge Vintage & Contemporary Fair. it was brilliant & I saw lots of bloggers there too with their gorgeous stalls of goodies.
We also saw Bill Nighy which was funny as it took us the rest of the day to remember his name - duh!

Anyway Sunday I got up early despite my body telling me that it really didn't want to. I nipped off to a couple of carboot sales inspired to find some trims or ideas for some t-shirt designs for Big Blue Sky... I still haven't started yet but think that this china pussy cat find might end up being painted on the front of a t-shirt!!

I also grabbed these pretty tea cups & plates from a stall and spent the rest of the day debating if to sell them as they are, fill the cups with candle wax or just keep them!

And because I hadn't eaten quite enough sugar this weekend I baked some muffin sized cupcakes. Lemon sponge, with lemon curd (homemade too???? help I need to get out more) and lemon icing. So I had one for breakfast on my new plate. The simple things in life eh? (think that might include me!).

I hope you all had a great weekend too xxxx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy Easter

Well Happy Easter weekend to you all xxx

I am sitting at my computer inhaling micro sized speckled chocolate eggs and shall have finished a whole packet by the end of the blog - oh dear, that's undone 3 nights of yoga :-(

I love Victorian cards, they mix the oddest scenarios, maybe I'm the only one who has never seen some little chicks sheltering from the April showers under a parasol?

I hope you are managing to fit in some relaxation this weekend. I'm looking forward to lay-ins, vintage clothes & accessory shopping with girlfriends & maybe a spot of lunch out too. Perfection. Maybe I can fit in a bit of reading in bed with coffee & croissants oooh lazy mornings are goood.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, filled with fun & laughter x