Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dinner Date Dress Dilemma

Oh my gosh, I have a date this weekend.
This is quite an unusual thing for me as I tend to busy myself with making jewellery & accessories, selling them at events & seeing my friends in between. Ok if I'm honest, I have been avoiding it all together - bad dates with Mr Boring are quite off putting!!

Anyway I'm being taken out to dinner by a rather lovely gentleman (I didn't think they still existed!!). We are going to (I have just been informed) a very posh restaurant in Norwich. Now I have a "what to wear" quandary. I'm hoping that someone can help!!

I refuse to purchase as I have lots of pretty dresses that I rarely wear.

The 1st image is a beautiful silk handkerchief dress with embroidery from Laura Lees. It's quite summery and very forgiving for when I eat too much yummy food!

The 2nd is an image I love from M&S of all things! I have a pink & red beaded skirt from Karen Millen which is rather opulent & I have a couple of fabulous vintage brooches I could use to pin the cardigan as in the image.

The third is me on the right hand side! I couldn't find a picture of a similar dress on the internet - darn it!
It's a beautiful beaded & sequinned vintage shift dress. I had pinned a giant (Carrie Bradshaw inspired) corsage onto it. I won't be wearing those stockings again as they make me look like a corpse!

I also have a beautiful hot pink 1920s cocktail dress, but it's boned (and tiny) and not good for dinners hummmm.

Any inspirations would be very gratefully received xxx
Thank you


  1. the first one is perfect - have a wonderful time and report back !!!

    Happy Earth Day

  2. Hello!
    Just popped over to wish you a very Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day.....and a lovely dinner date :)
    I think that you look fabulous in the black dress....I'm sure you have solved the what-to-wear dilemma by now though and will be looking fabulous.
    Happy Birthday!!

    PS Shame you have a date tonight as I was all set to send George over to you.....oh well, I'll just have to keep him one more night.....if I have to ;)


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