Monday, 26 April 2010

My Birthday Hot Date!!!

Well thank you to my fab friends bloggers and non alike who helped my with my mini crisis (pathetic girly moment of what to wear). My mummy lent me a gorgeous vintage lace prom dress in the end!! I felt like I was going to the opera in a posh frock & pearls.

Well we went to By Appointment in Norwich which is a gorgeous restaurant filled with eclectic mix of antiques. The food was incredible and it was really friendly & relaxed - not at all scary and snooty like some posh restaurants are.

I was treated like a princess by my lovely date and drank champagne (maybe a little too much) and was a little tipsy!!
The photo is me being shy after my tart au citron turned up with a Birthday message & the other diners sang to me - oh the shame!!! ha ha

I shall definitely be borrowing Mummy Butterfly's dress again, but might add a big satin ribbon, shash or cumberband for colour...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, I've had an amazing weekend with wonderful friends - and my now boyfriend!! xxx Claire


I love reading your comments, plus it reminds me that someone other than my mummy is actually reading my blog!!! he he xx