Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Passionate about Recycling

Well I have been recycling things for my little business for a few years now and don't like to waste a thing - it the horder gene that I've inherited from my Gran!! And I've always loved a bargain & something unusual, so charity shops have been another love story. I recently bought a real Stetsun for £8 which I put on when I'm feeling sad & dance around my house listening to Dolly Parton and Cher -Just Like Jesse James and laugh until i feel dizzy. Yep it's my guilty pleasure moments that I should keep to myself!!!
Anyway, I digress. I had been watching Mary Queen of Charity Shops - which I should hae mentioned before... sorry! It's a fabulous programme. if you can watch it again, it was on BBC2 9pm. It raised the point that not enough people donate of buy from charity shops & some that do give very nasty things that the local tip would rather reject. Gross!
We can all make changes by living a cleaner more eco friendly life and by thinking that every piece recycled does make a difference, and giving to charity shops (only resaleable things though!) helps the charity, the world - and makes you feel good!
Or the next best thing, is to sell at a car boot sale, have a clothes swapping party with friends, or ebay to get some cash but still doing the recycling thing... x

Monday, 15 June 2009

Woodbridge Vintage & Modern Craft Market

Oooh it’s all about the inspirational day trips out for me at the weekends. It was a journey to Wooders this weekend. Chauffeur driven (well by Mummy Butterfly)in a convertible with oversized sunnies and the wind rustling through my hair.. anyway the sun was shining and everyone was smiling. What a fab selection of stalls. It was so good I purchased from the 1st two stalls! An exciting & eclectic mix of goodies to buy from antiques, lampshades, vintage clothes to amazing paintings on canvas. My new favourite craft friend Mrs Bobo Bun was displaying her wonderful creations (she is the reason I knew about this event) check out her beautiful things & storytelling blog. I’m convinced her great grandmother was Enid Blyton – read the intro and you will see. She’s a very talented lady.

Anyway back to the market – there is another in September at which I hope to be displaying myself.

If you have never visited Woodbridge, then you are truly missing out. It’s a very cute town with some beautiful boutiques – and charity shops with hidden gems. Don’t tell anyone but I bought a brand new Missoni scarf from one for £3 and some brand new Gap yeans from another for £3.50. Ok so I did feel a little guilty, but I wasn’t working at the time.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Guilty Pleasures

End of last month a few of my fav bff's & I went to Guilty at Koko in Camdem.  It was sooooo AMAZING!! we were literally signing & dancing all night.  It was pure cheese & a viewers delight of forgotten 80's fashions and accessories.  
 The fun starts weeks before, with the dilemour of what to wear.  The funniest was when Princess Sequin tried on an electric blue zip front jump suit in a shop fitting room - and got stuck!!! he he.  
Top prize went to Lady L who in keeping with the Club Tropicana theme wore a dayglo bikini under her beach wear!!  
 BBG put in the effort with hair & make up with Olivia Newton John / Mini Pops inspired hair swept over one side with a plaitedhair  band on forehead & amazing make up that would have been perfect for a Duran Duran album cover.
Top tip: Jelly shoes are much more comfortable than kitten heels!!!!  Oh and book tickets in advance to avoid the huge queues.

1st Date dilemma

Help!! Fashion Advice required.

I have a blind date this weekend.  Now there should be nerves & anticipation over meeting my potential Prince Charming, but all I can worry about is what should one wear???  Well I think something you feel comfortable in is important , but jeans or dresses, heels or flats (in case he is shorter)????  I am still none the wiser, however maybe dressy &  girly is possibly better than cool.  To avoid making a faux pas I am in need of guidance, does anyone have the answer???? 

Thanks from, Butterfly xx 

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

All things vintage.

My very stylish friend C and I whizzed up to gorgeous North Norfolk last weekend to visit Blakeney for a Vintage Fair.  We were racing the rain clouds all the way, but north Norfolk still looks amazing in wet weather.  It was sooo worth the journey and quite the loveliest vintage fair I’ve been to.  The stalls were overflowing with goodies from all eras and there were so many fantastic hats crying out to be tried on.  We forced ourselves to have some afternoon tea – after all who can resist glitter topped fairy cakes on vintage floral china plates?  The environment was lovely, everything was really nicely displayed and the attention to detail was a perfect 10.   We met some lovely and very talented craft people too, but more about them later.  

For future events befriend

and find out more.  Events not to be missed!!!