Monday, 30 November 2009

A very vintage weekend

I had a lovely Vintage weekend. Saturday was a trip to the seaside. I went to Southwold with my mater & pater to visit a vintage fair that had come highly recommended. Well it was so good that we stayed for lunch, and afternoon coffee & ended up being late home & had to rush off to our respective dinner parties! The atmosphere was electric, there was live music & singing of many songs pre my time!! One rather talented gentleman was playing a wood saw with a bow rather well indeed. Heath & safety probably wouldn’t like that!! Ha

All 3 of us treated ourselves to some unusual things. I got a lovely Marylin Monroe styled dress but I shall be keeping away from any air vents! I did parade around on Sunday’s vintage fair rather proud of my smashing new frock.

There was a rather wonderful 3

wheeled Morgan parked up outside the vintage fair that I just had to take a photo of. This is my papa standing next to it – pretending like it’s his ha ha. He had a great day at the Vintage fair as his RAF issue moustache was very much admired by several of the ladies there!!

I have also included a snap of the lighthouse to show you a little corner of Southwold – it was too cold & blustery to get my hands out of my pockets by the seafront, so sadly no photos of that.

Friday, 27 November 2009

A beautiful vintage Christmas gift

Ok I admit it; I’m a bus blogger. I don’t have anything I think is interesting enough to write to you about for ages… and then I have an inspiration day when I have a writing frenzy.

I have been looking forward to Sunday’s event for ages and ages. It’s the Vintage Lover’s Fair

29th November 2009, Sussex Barns, Burnham Market, Norfolk, PE31 8JY

It’s going to be a-mazing! Starring the Celebrities of this months "Norfolk Magazine" Mrs Bobo Bun Kitschen Pink both blogging Royalty will be there as well as little ole me and Mummy Butterfly with our eclectic mix of accessories.

It will be like an overspilling wardrobe of treats. Vintage Clothing, Accessories, Jewellery, Collectables, Kitchenalia & Textiles. Unusual gifts for those hard to buy for family & friends. It’s a great atmosphere with Music, Tea and Cupcakes, Mulled wine and mince pies.

New Moon Obsession

The lengths a gal has to go to get a date these days - seriously Robbie Williams wisely said that all the best (wo)men are married, all the handsome men are gay ... or vampires or werewolves.
Yes i had a gratuitous evening at the sumptuous Cinema City in Norwich last night. A glass of rose, huge comfy seats, great company and Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner for an eye candy feast.
There must be handsome men out there who are nearer my age surely? Where are they hiding? Are they all taken? Do I have to dream about film stars forever??!!!
Anyway my random (more than usual) blog was supposed to be about how much I enjoyed the film, yep it's a chick flick full of beautiful people. If only my small town had families that hot! ha ha You'll find me day dreaming at my desk x

Monday, 23 November 2009

Mulled Wine and cupcake heaven

It was the perfect outdoor craft event. The sun even shone! The air was filled with the aroma of the best mulled wine I have ever tasted, the stalls were a visual feast of handmade gorgeousness. Scrumptious cupcakes (they tasted so goooood), sparkly jewellery, cute fabric Christmas decorations, Ipod holders, chapstick pouches, handmade soaps …. Such a pretty location with the nicest people. Mummy butterfly & I treated ourselves to lots of things, some may end up as presents…maybe! My magpie eyes found a beautiful sparkly vintage evening bag with a cute paste clasp. It’s now my early Christmas present from Mummy & I think it will get a airing next week at V’s Christmas dinner party, how exciting! Sadly I forgot my camera so i haven't got any nice photos to show you of the day :-(

The lovely team at Someleyton post Office & Village Stores are planning more events next year & they are in my Top 10 of “must visit events” – well as long as you’re in the area that is! I will keep you posted x

Friday, 20 November 2009

Cute Christmas Fair

I nearly forgot to mention that I'm doing a lovely little craft fair tomorrow in Somerleyton in Norfolk.
It's set in the Village Post Office & Stores - as pictured here. It's a picturesque place all quaint with chocolate box houses with thatch roofs, a duck pond and a fab pub!!! I hear a rumour that Twiggy has a house here too.
Anyway the craft fair is on 10-3 Saturday 21st November.
Apart from my accessories there will be home made cupcakes, (as long as the stall isn't next to mine that is!!) local photography and other lovely crafts.
If you happen to live in the area please pop along and say helloooo.
I will take some snaps to show you how sweet it it & post them next week.
Have a great weekend xx

Missing in action

I've been very rubbish with the blogs for ages now. I've been making & organising for the Christmas craft fair fun. What I should be doing is photographing what I'm doing duh!

Well yesterday I dropped off some sparkly jewellery box sets to House Of Couture in Norwich - this is a bridal & ball dress shop. I also snuck in a millefiori hearts necklace & earrings similar to the red one here.

I zoomed over to Big Blue Sky which is a fabulous shop in Wells-next-the-Sea in North Norfolk. This scrumptious shop sells really unusual gifts & everything is made in Norfolk. Catherine had some excellent news, that the shop had won the Telegraph Retail Awards for best gift & home-ware shop in the country!! Well deserved and definitely worth a visit!!
Anyway I took some more jewellery over there & lots of this fabulous turquoise striped range which I think works really well with the Howlite Turquoise stones.

Mummy Butterfly is always making things - I wonder when she sleeps... maybe she's a vampire - ok too much Twilight for me then.
Anyway this felt example is her latest. It sold like hot cakes at the last ladies evening which is always very nice.