Friday, 24 June 2011

Good Ole British Weather

Well can you guess where I went yesterday?
A typical glance out of the window to torrential rain.... of course, it's Wimbledon!!!
Play was rained off twice meaning we didn't get to see the gorgeous Maria Sharapova, probably best for my ego, plus my friend Al would have been a gibbering wreck!!!
Photos from the Wimbledon Website
I'm not the most sporting person, but it was easy to get drawn into the matches.
We got to see the Tsonga V Dimitrov game which was great.
The serves were up to speeds of 130mph - seriously???? It was incredible.

Of course we did the usual... strawberries & cream, Pimms & Champagne, such is life!!
Today the lurgy has finally caught up with me & I'm in on a Friday night, heating & TV on (I'm at Glasto in spirit - darn the rain but the line up is good enough to make up for it) ... no no, don't feel sorry for me - I have my medicinal bottle of wine & garlic dough balls - garlic's healthy right??

Hope you're avoiding the drizzle xxxx

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Le Weekend... Night and Day

Well it's finally the weekend - hurrah!! The weather here is typically sunny first thing followed by rain rain and yes, more rain!! Last night thundered down and it was nice to be indoors with a cheeky G&T ha ha.

These beautiful candles are my purchase from the gorgeous Lisa last weekend at Teh Vintage Fair in Norwich. Their fragrance are fig & sultana - sounds ominous but they smell very diptyque . They are pressies but I would dearly like to keep them for me! Greedy I know.

Anyway to see more of her gorgeous heavenly scented candles visit Vintage Belle Candles and I think she has an Etsy shop too.
Anyway today is all about the vintage. I may have mentioned several hundred times that I'm going to be exhibiting at the Vintage Festival London - Southbank event woop woop. And I have so very much to do before this event.

I have more ideas than time - probably due to the fact that I have spend the last 2 hours having a lovely relaxing bath, swanning around in a vintage robe listening to Ella Fitzgerald & eating freshly baked croissants. Oh and then there's the reading of so many interesting blogs....
Anyway back to work plans. I found these cups & saucers - I'm not sure if they are supposed to be together, but I like the colours. These little fellas will probably end up with candles in them ... not sure what scent would suit.
And then there's the 60's & 70's fabrics I found in carboot sales & charity shops. I'm thinking cushion covers, maybe some make up bags. I'm trying desperately to keep to my Boudoir Chic theme for my stand. A celebration of dressing table chic from 1920 to 1970, dressing table sets, hand mirrors, trinket pots, handmade & up-cycled jewellery made with a mix of vintage & new buttons, beads bits & bobs.

I dropped into the conversation yesterday with Mr Fabulous that I was thinking of keeping the theme on my stand by having a vintage dressing table, chaise longue, cushions ..... and by wearing vintage negligees. Went down like a lead balloon ha ha. Oh well it's not for another month or so!!!

Right I really must start making things - wishing you all a creative & sunny (even if it's just indoors) weekend. Lots of love Claire & Ella!! xxx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Passing the baton!!

Ok I need to pass on this lovely award that I won. Imagine if it was a shiny cup with a rosette - oooh I'd never let it go!!

Anyway after much deliberation & a week I'm going for Helen’s Old Bags!! It’s no insult – just some truly fabulous bags handmade from old leather sofas, coats, jackets, trousers…

She’s super clever & very creative, I have serious talent envy. Oh and she’s lovely too (and very cool). Is sit cheating that she’s a friend of mine? I just want as many people as possible to discover her amazing bags & blogging is much easier than me buying them for Birthday pressies!! I have a small collection of 6 so far, the clutch bags are to die for (I have 3)!!

Sooo my dear Helen, apparently the rules are that you now have to pass on the Award to someone new to blogging or with less than 100 followers, who has a blog you really enjoy. You also have to list seven facts about yourself. I imagine I shall learn lots xxx

Monday, 13 June 2011

The Vintage Fair, Norwich

Well yesterday was Vintage Fair in St Andrew's Hall, Norwich. It's a rather grand building & I was rather slack on the photos, apologies. I have been to this place so many times I forgot that you lovely people may not have had the pleasure. Next time - I promise!!
Anyway I got to see some fabulous vintage loving friends & made some new ones too. This is my gorgeous neighbor. I was truly spoilt being next to the lovely Lisa. She makes scrummy candles in vintage cups, glasses, teapots.... of course I treated myself - well they are supposed to be presents. Hummm lets see! I shall have to post my purchases & a link to Lisa's gorgeous makes later i.e. when I'm more organised!!

This is a little look at my bits & bobs. An incredible turquoise dressing table set with our Bubble Gum range - 1960's beads. I think they look good enough to eat & one very cute little girl did have her eye on them - I had to tell her that they weren't real sweeties. I think they would be jaw breakers!! And of course there's the pretty pinky peach range. Some lovely 1950's beads here mixed with vintage faux pearls, crystals & anything else we find. I'm loving pressed glass dressing table sets. I collecting for Britain ha ha - well to be more specific, for the Vintage London at Southbank. (Having a small panic about not having enough stock already).
Errr this is cheesy meeee. Vintage look dress was a whole £8 in PradaPrimark sale some time ago. It's great as it's a chuck in the machine & stands up to setting up stalls etc.
Ahhhh this is the very glamorous Karen from Blue Skies Vintage Events. What a pose, I love it!!

As I had forgotten my packed lunch, I had to settle for a slice of heavenly Victoria sponge with fresh strawberries on top and a pot of lavender tea - in vintage crockery of course!! It was the first time that I didn't mind scoffing behind my stall - it was quite fitting.

Anyway it was a fun & friendly event & I didn't buy too much either. Hope you all had a great Sunday xxx

Friday, 10 June 2011

An unexpected drama

Ok I admit that my memory isn't quite able to remember everything i throw at it. Thankfully my friends are there with prompting phone calls! I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to be seeing a play featuring two of my friends.

We made it there by a whisker an managed to pick another friend up on the way, although I shouldn't have worried about the audience numbers. This Am Dram group (I hate that phrase, always makes me think of naff actors with delusions of grandeur and missed vocation!!) has a great following & it became immediately apparent why. They were superb. The playwrite, Norman Robbins has produced a great farce style comedy and it was truly hilarious.

So a little about the play... it's called "Pull The Other One" and it's set in a small Lancashire town in the late 1960's. A parallel universe to the "Swinging 60's". There is the battle axe mother-in -law, the aptly named Boadicea Hepinstall (who has a London accent to match an East Enders cast) and poor Albert the son-in-law who can do no right by her and is just not good enough for her darling daughter.

Much hilarity unfolds as poor Albert gets himself into all sorts of tricky situations. Of course things aren't going to get any better when his old best friend Hilary Armitage turns up on the doorstep dressed up as a splendidly bad drag artist. (This is my dear friend Alastair ha ha) Hilary's high heeled swagger is one of those priceless moments that will stay with me forever. Al is clearly not a guy comfortable in heels!! The look is inspired by Dolly Parton meets a pot of glitter.
There's the local Reverend Elijah Nookey - as if the word nookey isn't funny enough for me - he did make me cackle!! The 9 year old twins & myself & my papa were the comedy laughers at the front & back of the hall - same age comedy mentality!
Oh and I can't forget the nosy neighbor Wilf Turner who has more witch references & put downs than an episode of The Vampire Diaries (my latest obsession!). The funniest man I've seen in a flat cap & cardigan!
Not one but two pretty girls cast too. Muriel (the devoted & confused wife) and Virginia (the artist). They manage to fluster Albert and cause more ridiculous situations. We have hiding in cupboards & under tables, a comedy race through the house...

If you happen to be in the Norwich area & you have a spare evening tonight or tomorrow (Friday 10th & Saturday 11th June). Trust me it's £5 very well spent.
The Bramrocks production of Pull The Other One is showing at The Margaret Mack Room, School Lane, Rockland St Mary at 19:30.
I don't have a contact number for bookings but you could email me claire

Even my professional thespian friend enjoyed it immensely, he is the ultimate critique but there's no mistaking enjoyment & laughter.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Welcome to my award winning blog!!

Lat week I won a raffle prize and not a crocheted loo roll cover either... this week ...

Well what can I say… “I’d like to thank my Mum for inspiring me to make crafty things, my Dad for encouraging me to listen to music & check out gigs, my bestest buddies for rocking up to some splendid events with me, my vintage friends for opening up a whole new world of parties & gorgeous styling and of course Mr Fabulous for being a great party companion. He he.

I feel extremely honored to have received my 1st award, thank you thank you Carrad (check out a great blog) – must find out your real name. Thank you though sweetheart xxxx

So now I have to write 7 things about me – lets see if I can put you to sleep by No.4 ha ha! I’m

going for things I love the most…. Apart from blogging which is just too addictive.

1. Well possibly my greatest love of all (excluding humans) is music, it can completely change my outlook on a day. I have been lucky enough to go to gigs from Muse to Elton John, Public Enemy to Amy Winehouse. My love is eclectic with a guilty pleasures streak (Brian Adams I love youuuuuu). 80’s music was what I grew up with. I’m extremely proud to boast my 1st single (7” vinyl) was David Bowie – Let’s Dance. Still have it, still love it. 1st Album Adam Friend or Foe. Ooooh another huge crush – possibly my 1st love. I had a huge poster (this is the actual one below) of him over my bed that I would kiss goodnight ha ha – I clearly read too many Jackie magazines & thought that’s what girls did!!

Anyway just found out he’s playing at Latitude – and I just happen to have a ticket. Heavenly – I’m sure he’s still hot!!

2. My bestest friend is Lovely Linda & she lives the other side of the country to me which is sad. We do chat & email when we can but after having lived together in London for 5 years in Camden & Muswell Hill it’s not quite the same. Virtual hugs will have to do. Think Skype is the answer!!
She's getting married to a fabulous man but I must confess to worrying that it's oly a matter of time before hubbie & then kiddie winks replace the boozey bessie mate!!

This is us - not at all flattering ut cheeeeeesetastic on a Guilty Pleasures Night at Coco Camden - totally awesome night!! (she's gonna kill me for this one he he)

3. I love going to car boot sales, they are my new charity shop for great low cost finds. I buy lots of vintage bits & bobs for my business. Sadly old beads, buttons & brooches are becoming harder to find though. My best charity shop find was a brand new Missoni

rainbow scarf ( naff photo below) for £3 – I squealed like a small child let loose in a sweet shop.

Oooh I love this Tretchikoff too that I got from a charity shop for £5 Kitschly colourful. Mr Fabulous hates it, makes it all the better ha ha.

4. I love to dance – to camp disco, pop, rock, garage, drum & bass whatever, I just make it up as I go along. Girls nights out are the best for this I find. At Playfest a brand new local music fest we packed the boys off home & we bounced around like nutters and pogoed for England non stop for an hour to the awesome Grooverider ooooooh I ached the next day ha ha – what an unfit old giffer I am!!

5. I’m a complete yoga lover, it’s helped me de-stress, relax, sleep, undo knots in my shoulder from too many years in front of a computer, improved my posture & introduced me to some fabulous friends who I love with all my heart. I get grouchy if I don’t get at least one class a week in. I have a strange (quite possibly sad) wish to do some sun salutations in front of the Angkor Wat temples as the sun rises. Oh dear, must stay off the herb teas!!!

6. My friends are my oxygen. (Yes you've guessed it, I don't have any children). I don’t see any of them nearly enough but maybe that makes each chat / meet up more precious. Sorry if you’re vomiting now. Yes I can be a sentimental old fart too.

This would have been Linda & I if we had met as children, I love this photo. I think I took it fromThe Bottom of the Ironing Basket a gorgeous inspiring happy blog.

7. I have a childish sense of humour, hence using the word fart. I giggle at things that no one else finds very funny but apparently I have an infectious laugh & they usually end up joining me. That’s the point when tears are running down our cheeks & it’s more ridiculous when they admit that they are laughing at absolutely nothing at all!!

oooh I went through a phase of bidding for carousel horses on Ebay - well I had always wanted one but seriously, who am I? - Peter Pan??!!!

Think of me as sleepy tea & read me just before bedtime - guaranteed to help you nod off ha ha

Promise to pass the baton soon x

Friday, 3 June 2011

Pretty Woman's Cinderflippingella

Well it's been a funny old week. I've been desperately trying to make jewellery for Big Blue Sky in North Norfolk but no no avail. Every evening has been filled with work meetings or long overdue meet ups with friends. Some of it's been fun but I'm having a wee panic about my overdue order. I should also be making right now but you know, blogging is kinda work.... ok this is where the problem arises. I should be a professional procrastinator!I shall take some piccies whn I've finished off the range. Going for a vintage castaway beach theme. How arty farty!!

Sooo I popped along to Gazes auction house last week when a friend told me there were vintage treat to be had. I bid remotely on lots & won something .... I think it will look nice with closely fitted jeans & heels. Hummm I guess we will see. It may not have been my best winning & I'm not sure how vintage it is either. What do you think??? It's a bit of a marmite top!!
Tonight the boyfriend (Mr Fabulous - his self title) is organising a dinner party. I say organising... he has the very fabulous Celia throwing a spectacular event at her house, she will be cooking too & he just organises the wine. Hummmm I must try this kind of gentle persuasion & delegation sometime soon. I'm sure that someone would love to offer to clean my windows ... anyway it's a black tie evening so I will try & get some shots of our friends all glammed up before we get to tiddled. I have forked out a fortune on my dress.
It's a Julia Robert's Pretty Woman inspired frock
& Minnie Mouse inspired shoes.
The Princely sum was £8 for the dress (purchased with a dry cleaning label still attached). The shoes in comparison were expensive at £4 however they have never been worn.
Yes good ole car boot sale thrifting. I'm not a patch on the fabulous Vix who is the best bargain hunter I've ever known (and has style to die for). But I'm please with my 90's outfit, it's a little cheesy but I luuurve cheesetastic things. And I do secretly love this film . Might have to watch it again for inspitration ha ha. Hope you're all having a lovely Friday xxx