Sunday, 6 November 2011

Top Hat & Tails

Apologies for being AWOL for so long, juggling is clearly not my strong point!! Anyway this week was Mr Fabulous' Birthday so instead of prettily wrapped gifts I went for a flurry of evening events. 

Last night was a trip to see Top Hat at Norwich Theatre Royal.  We got all dressed up & forgot to take photos .  Not quite the full top hat & tails but we felt rather pleased with our efforts.  Going to the theatre always reminds me of being a little girl & Mummy taking me to the ballet.  I would have my prettiest swishy skirt on & hold my posture as best I could in the hope that someone would notice that I too was a ballerina - if only once a week!! My niece is just the same & loves performing pirouettes for anyone who asks!!
Anyway a very kind gentleman with the most fabulous moustache did complement me on my outfit & said that I looked as though I should have been on the stage too (I don't like to think that he meant sweeping it!!).

So sadly it was the last night in Norwich but it really was worth going to see if you love classic music from the movies, 1930's fashions, wonderful sets & magical choreography.  Anyway the tap dancing was superb and I think Fred & Ginger would have been pleased with Tom & Summer's dancing.  Following in the footsteps of two utter legends must have been super scary.  

Anyway I'm off to purchase the Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers box set... I'm thinking evenings in with log fires, classic movies and possibly a cocktail or two.    

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend xxxx