Monday, 22 November 2010

I suck at Skiing!

Oh dear, I feel I should update those of you kind enough to read about and comment on my ski lessons. ... having put the pressure on myself enough to wind myself into frustration (ski trip at Christmas & no more free time), I became a grouchy teenager with every muscle in my body tensed up in annoyance that skiing didn’t come naturally to me!! Ha

Admittedly reading back my own admissions has made it all very clear that I was being very silly indeed! This week I shan’t care a jot (ok, I shall try not to) and have a glass of mulled wine or something before hand!! Surely that’s medicinal!!

Soo shame of all shames, I managed to become Bridget Jones by skiing off across two lanes wobbling all over the place arms flailing and fingers crossed that I didn’t take anyone with me. The spectators were crying with laughter at my embarrassment & debacle. Blood filled my cheeks in shame and I blended nicely with the (very sexy) bright red safety helmet so that I probably resembled a cousin of the Ribena Berries.

Not satisfied that I had made quite a pillock of myself I later managed to fall over on my ski instructor – into a tangle of skis. I had promised my friends that I would do this but only if he was young & very cute…. Hummmm a lovely man but not quite hitting the hottie status sadly. Definitely in minus points now.

Can’t wait for this Tuesday’s lesson arrggghhhhhhh

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Seems most people have been skiing, except for me. A couple of friends thought it was a good idea to go for Christmas.... being the only one in the group that can't ski I thought I’d better have lessons pretty quickly and try & catch up – positive thinking eh?!! In my humble opinion it’s not the most sartorial sport of choice but hopefully lots of fun!

After nipping into town for a peruse at ski jackets in the hope of something reasonably priced that I don’t hate….. hummm the best on offer was a red & white affair. I’m transported back to the 1980,s when I had a white lightly padded jacket with red piping & lots of pockets & press-studs. Yum! I also had a red & white bedroom – v cool at the time with striped wall paper, heart cushions, white frilled edge sateen duvet covers - oooh very Dynasty – or just nasty??!! Ha ha.

Anyway back to 2010… Oh I don't know, all I can think about is can I customise a ski jacket???? Is that taking things too far?? I mean I love the 80's but ski fashion is sooo naff - or am I looking in the wrong places???

And so I turned up to week

one’s lesson in a black vintage faux fur jacket – it got some looks… I can honestly say I thought they would hire out jackets duh! What was I thinking? Thankfully no one I knew was around & my group were all too kind or concentrating too hard on not falling over to laugh at me semi glammed up in a sparkly gold roll neck, vintage coat & a silver helmet ha ha ha.

Oh and sadly skiing wasn’t my forte either. Always hoped I would be a natural at something – just not found out what it is yet ha ha.

Anyway any advice on skiing, what to wear – anything really. I am totally clueless!!! xx

Oooh was also thinking of checking out the charity shops for Christmas jumpers as pressies - nice group photo maybe??? Yummmm a hottie Christmas card idea ha ha