Sunday, 14 November 2010

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Seems most people have been skiing, except for me. A couple of friends thought it was a good idea to go for Christmas.... being the only one in the group that can't ski I thought I’d better have lessons pretty quickly and try & catch up – positive thinking eh?!! In my humble opinion it’s not the most sartorial sport of choice but hopefully lots of fun!

After nipping into town for a peruse at ski jackets in the hope of something reasonably priced that I don’t hate….. hummm the best on offer was a red & white affair. I’m transported back to the 1980,s when I had a white lightly padded jacket with red piping & lots of pockets & press-studs. Yum! I also had a red & white bedroom – v cool at the time with striped wall paper, heart cushions, white frilled edge sateen duvet covers - oooh very Dynasty – or just nasty??!! Ha ha.

Anyway back to 2010… Oh I don't know, all I can think about is can I customise a ski jacket???? Is that taking things too far?? I mean I love the 80's but ski fashion is sooo naff - or am I looking in the wrong places???

And so I turned up to week

one’s lesson in a black vintage faux fur jacket – it got some looks… I can honestly say I thought they would hire out jackets duh! What was I thinking? Thankfully no one I knew was around & my group were all too kind or concentrating too hard on not falling over to laugh at me semi glammed up in a sparkly gold roll neck, vintage coat & a silver helmet ha ha ha.

Oh and sadly skiing wasn’t my forte either. Always hoped I would be a natural at something – just not found out what it is yet ha ha.

Anyway any advice on skiing, what to wear – anything really. I am totally clueless!!! xx

Oooh was also thinking of checking out the charity shops for Christmas jumpers as pressies - nice group photo maybe??? Yummmm a hottie Christmas card idea ha ha


  1. Adore your card idea! I can't say I am ready for snow yet!!

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    Art by Karena

  2. Ha! this cracked me up. Good luck with the lessons. I say stick with your vintage style and enjoy the comforts of the ski resort bar mad men style xox


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