Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Passing the baton!!

Ok I need to pass on this lovely award that I won. Imagine if it was a shiny cup with a rosette - oooh I'd never let it go!!

Anyway after much deliberation & a week I'm going for Helen’s Old Bags!! It’s no insult – just some truly fabulous bags handmade from old leather sofas, coats, jackets, trousers…

She’s super clever & very creative, I have serious talent envy. Oh and she’s lovely too (and very cool). Is sit cheating that she’s a friend of mine? I just want as many people as possible to discover her amazing bags & blogging is much easier than me buying them for Birthday pressies!! I have a small collection of 6 so far, the clutch bags are to die for (I have 3)!!

Sooo my dear Helen, apparently the rules are that you now have to pass on the Award to someone new to blogging or with less than 100 followers, who has a blog you really enjoy. You also have to list seven facts about yourself. I imagine I shall learn lots xxx

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