Friday, 3 June 2011

Pretty Woman's Cinderflippingella

Well it's been a funny old week. I've been desperately trying to make jewellery for Big Blue Sky in North Norfolk but no no avail. Every evening has been filled with work meetings or long overdue meet ups with friends. Some of it's been fun but I'm having a wee panic about my overdue order. I should also be making right now but you know, blogging is kinda work.... ok this is where the problem arises. I should be a professional procrastinator!I shall take some piccies whn I've finished off the range. Going for a vintage castaway beach theme. How arty farty!!

Sooo I popped along to Gazes auction house last week when a friend told me there were vintage treat to be had. I bid remotely on lots & won something .... I think it will look nice with closely fitted jeans & heels. Hummm I guess we will see. It may not have been my best winning & I'm not sure how vintage it is either. What do you think??? It's a bit of a marmite top!!
Tonight the boyfriend (Mr Fabulous - his self title) is organising a dinner party. I say organising... he has the very fabulous Celia throwing a spectacular event at her house, she will be cooking too & he just organises the wine. Hummmm I must try this kind of gentle persuasion & delegation sometime soon. I'm sure that someone would love to offer to clean my windows ... anyway it's a black tie evening so I will try & get some shots of our friends all glammed up before we get to tiddled. I have forked out a fortune on my dress.
It's a Julia Robert's Pretty Woman inspired frock
& Minnie Mouse inspired shoes.
The Princely sum was £8 for the dress (purchased with a dry cleaning label still attached). The shoes in comparison were expensive at £4 however they have never been worn.
Yes good ole car boot sale thrifting. I'm not a patch on the fabulous Vix who is the best bargain hunter I've ever known (and has style to die for). But I'm please with my 90's outfit, it's a little cheesy but I luuurve cheesetastic things. And I do secretly love this film . Might have to watch it again for inspitration ha ha. Hope you're all having a lovely Friday xxx


  1. I don't really know what you look like, but I know you will look fab in that frock! I also love it that your bloke calls himself Mr Fabulous! If my chap is known as anything besides Mr C (blogname)it's Captain Bodger as he has a go at anything DIY related but it's not always that professional... x

  2. By the way, I nearly forgot - I have something for you on my blog, so please pop by soon. x


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