Friday, 27 May 2011

A Marvelous Cocktail Party

In between working, sleeping, working some more I managed to squeeze in a few nice things and last night was indeed one of those.
(Cigarette girlies, they were so lovely & a great idea. I loved my chocolate cigarettes, childhood memories)

Yep on a school night Mr Fabulous (his self title - I'm yet to agree) and I got glammed up twenties stylee. It was a Marvelous Cocktail Party organised by a fellow very gorgeous & glamorous blogger Retro Chick.
This is Mr Fabulous with his strong man moustache!! He was rather pleased with himself generally but was made up that he was one of very few men there and surrounded by gorgeously glam ladies.
However there were these rather dapper young gents there. That's an odd lampshade coming out of his head ha ha. Excuse the photos, I had zero snapping skills last night - maybe it was down to the bottle of champagne we had whilst we got ready!! I was celebrating though -

I've been offered a place at the Vintage London at Southbank organised by Wayne Hemmingway. It's going to be huge and incredible, I can't wait and I'm bouncing like Tigger - well I was yesterday (hangover just fading now ouch). Anyway it's on 29 - 31st July in case you fancy shopping for all things vintage, dancing, burlesque, fashion shows, old movies and much more. It will be like a trip back in time to eras from the twenties to the eighties. Ooh I did go on a bit there, sorry was chatting cocktail parties wasn't I?!!

The super duper prizes on offer.

Back to last night... there was a Chinese raffle - If I'm honest I don't know why it was Chinese, however! It was were you put raffle tickets into cocktail shakers with co odinating numbers to the prizes that you wanted to win. Mr Fabulous wanted a rather splendid book on King George V, George VI and Edward - some superb photos of them dressed to kill in sartorial delights as Saville Row suits and of course the odd uniform. Anyway we didn't get to take that lovely treasure home despite 90% of our tickets being in the pot boooooh.

I had my eye on lot 4 a slinky picture of latin lovely Miss September from a calendar from 1948.
and guess what... I only blooming won it!! Just got to get in framed & up on the wall in my studio. Super chuffed, I haven't won in a raffle since I bagged a bottle of Martini when I was 14. My mum soon whipped it off me!!

Anyway I've go to go & pack as I'm off to a local music festival wooo hooo. And I wonder why I'm overdrawn ouch!
Hope you all have an aaaaaamazing weekend & fingers crossed for dry weather xxxx


  1. Oh wow! What an amazing evening this looks! I'm glad you had a good time and won the prize you wanted. Well done xxx

  2. How did I miss you??? What a shame! Great night and I am very jealous, I would have loved that pin up pic! xx

  3. Yes I was super pleased with my lovely pin up piccy that I won.
    Aww Lady Cherry, gutted I missed meeting you too, no doubt bump into each other at another wonderful vintage event soon though. xxx

  4. I have no idea why it's called a Chinese Auction either! It occurred to me it might be derogatory, but I couldn't find s reason for it online so we just went with it! Thank you for coming and I'm so glad you won your pin up picture!

    Congratulations on the South Bank Centre thing as well, thats fabulous!

  5. Well done on getting your place at Vintage London! That looks like a fantastic party indeed x


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