Monday, 13 June 2011

The Vintage Fair, Norwich

Well yesterday was Vintage Fair in St Andrew's Hall, Norwich. It's a rather grand building & I was rather slack on the photos, apologies. I have been to this place so many times I forgot that you lovely people may not have had the pleasure. Next time - I promise!!
Anyway I got to see some fabulous vintage loving friends & made some new ones too. This is my gorgeous neighbor. I was truly spoilt being next to the lovely Lisa. She makes scrummy candles in vintage cups, glasses, teapots.... of course I treated myself - well they are supposed to be presents. Hummm lets see! I shall have to post my purchases & a link to Lisa's gorgeous makes later i.e. when I'm more organised!!

This is a little look at my bits & bobs. An incredible turquoise dressing table set with our Bubble Gum range - 1960's beads. I think they look good enough to eat & one very cute little girl did have her eye on them - I had to tell her that they weren't real sweeties. I think they would be jaw breakers!! And of course there's the pretty pinky peach range. Some lovely 1950's beads here mixed with vintage faux pearls, crystals & anything else we find. I'm loving pressed glass dressing table sets. I collecting for Britain ha ha - well to be more specific, for the Vintage London at Southbank. (Having a small panic about not having enough stock already).
Errr this is cheesy meeee. Vintage look dress was a whole £8 in PradaPrimark sale some time ago. It's great as it's a chuck in the machine & stands up to setting up stalls etc.
Ahhhh this is the very glamorous Karen from Blue Skies Vintage Events. What a pose, I love it!!

As I had forgotten my packed lunch, I had to settle for a slice of heavenly Victoria sponge with fresh strawberries on top and a pot of lavender tea - in vintage crockery of course!! It was the first time that I didn't mind scoffing behind my stall - it was quite fitting.

Anyway it was a fun & friendly event & I didn't buy too much either. Hope you all had a great Sunday xxx

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  1. Well had I have realised this stall was yours I would have said hello! Having Biddys tea room on hand with tea and cake was wonderful wasn't it! x


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