Saturday, 18 June 2011

Le Weekend... Night and Day

Well it's finally the weekend - hurrah!! The weather here is typically sunny first thing followed by rain rain and yes, more rain!! Last night thundered down and it was nice to be indoors with a cheeky G&T ha ha.

These beautiful candles are my purchase from the gorgeous Lisa last weekend at Teh Vintage Fair in Norwich. Their fragrance are fig & sultana - sounds ominous but they smell very diptyque . They are pressies but I would dearly like to keep them for me! Greedy I know.

Anyway to see more of her gorgeous heavenly scented candles visit Vintage Belle Candles and I think she has an Etsy shop too.
Anyway today is all about the vintage. I may have mentioned several hundred times that I'm going to be exhibiting at the Vintage Festival London - Southbank event woop woop. And I have so very much to do before this event.

I have more ideas than time - probably due to the fact that I have spend the last 2 hours having a lovely relaxing bath, swanning around in a vintage robe listening to Ella Fitzgerald & eating freshly baked croissants. Oh and then there's the reading of so many interesting blogs....
Anyway back to work plans. I found these cups & saucers - I'm not sure if they are supposed to be together, but I like the colours. These little fellas will probably end up with candles in them ... not sure what scent would suit.
And then there's the 60's & 70's fabrics I found in carboot sales & charity shops. I'm thinking cushion covers, maybe some make up bags. I'm trying desperately to keep to my Boudoir Chic theme for my stand. A celebration of dressing table chic from 1920 to 1970, dressing table sets, hand mirrors, trinket pots, handmade & up-cycled jewellery made with a mix of vintage & new buttons, beads bits & bobs.

I dropped into the conversation yesterday with Mr Fabulous that I was thinking of keeping the theme on my stand by having a vintage dressing table, chaise longue, cushions ..... and by wearing vintage negligees. Went down like a lead balloon ha ha. Oh well it's not for another month or so!!!

Right I really must start making things - wishing you all a creative & sunny (even if it's just indoors) weekend. Lots of love Claire & Ella!! xxx


  1. Love the blue cups; they go surprisingly well with the saucers even if they aren't related. The candles are fab too. I've often thought of making candles but I have so many things on that this is just another project I might never finish! xx

  2. I love that vintage fabric almost as much as you hosting your stall in a vintage negligee, brilliant idea. If you weren't so far away I'd offer to help for free just so I could dress up. x

  3. Hi Claire, the cups and saucers are lovely and I love the fabric too, the colours are beautiful - you have some brilliant ideas!
    Pity you are far away...:)
    Claudia xo

  4. Ahhh it's good to see the love for the tea cups!!
    Carrad, you excel at everything you make 0 try it!!x
    Vix - if I had you on my stall in a 70's negligee there would be a stampede. Too cool, far too gorgeous. Bet Glasto rocked! x
    Claudia, you are very kind.. nice to meet like minded people - blogging is so great for that. x


I love reading your comments, plus it reminds me that someone other than my mummy is actually reading my blog!!! he he xx