Friday, 10 June 2011

An unexpected drama

Ok I admit that my memory isn't quite able to remember everything i throw at it. Thankfully my friends are there with prompting phone calls! I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to be seeing a play featuring two of my friends.

We made it there by a whisker an managed to pick another friend up on the way, although I shouldn't have worried about the audience numbers. This Am Dram group (I hate that phrase, always makes me think of naff actors with delusions of grandeur and missed vocation!!) has a great following & it became immediately apparent why. They were superb. The playwrite, Norman Robbins has produced a great farce style comedy and it was truly hilarious.

So a little about the play... it's called "Pull The Other One" and it's set in a small Lancashire town in the late 1960's. A parallel universe to the "Swinging 60's". There is the battle axe mother-in -law, the aptly named Boadicea Hepinstall (who has a London accent to match an East Enders cast) and poor Albert the son-in-law who can do no right by her and is just not good enough for her darling daughter.

Much hilarity unfolds as poor Albert gets himself into all sorts of tricky situations. Of course things aren't going to get any better when his old best friend Hilary Armitage turns up on the doorstep dressed up as a splendidly bad drag artist. (This is my dear friend Alastair ha ha) Hilary's high heeled swagger is one of those priceless moments that will stay with me forever. Al is clearly not a guy comfortable in heels!! The look is inspired by Dolly Parton meets a pot of glitter.
There's the local Reverend Elijah Nookey - as if the word nookey isn't funny enough for me - he did make me cackle!! The 9 year old twins & myself & my papa were the comedy laughers at the front & back of the hall - same age comedy mentality!
Oh and I can't forget the nosy neighbor Wilf Turner who has more witch references & put downs than an episode of The Vampire Diaries (my latest obsession!). The funniest man I've seen in a flat cap & cardigan!
Not one but two pretty girls cast too. Muriel (the devoted & confused wife) and Virginia (the artist). They manage to fluster Albert and cause more ridiculous situations. We have hiding in cupboards & under tables, a comedy race through the house...

If you happen to be in the Norwich area & you have a spare evening tonight or tomorrow (Friday 10th & Saturday 11th June). Trust me it's £5 very well spent.
The Bramrocks production of Pull The Other One is showing at The Margaret Mack Room, School Lane, Rockland St Mary at 19:30.
I don't have a contact number for bookings but you could email me claire

Even my professional thespian friend enjoyed it immensely, he is the ultimate critique but there's no mistaking enjoyment & laughter.

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  1. Sounds great fun! Last year I went to see my friend in her "am dram". She was Madame Arcati in "Blithe Spirit" and wonderfully bonkers! x


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