Friday, 18 September 2009

Shopping on the sunny side of the street

R and I had to pop to London for an appointment, so we thought why not mix business with pleasure. As the meeting was near to Baker Street it seemed fitting to peruse the scrummy boutiques or Marylebone High Street. Drooling over the Conran Store’s uber cool stereo systems and dining tables was enough of a work out to earn a coffee, so off to Pat vals we went! Those who frequent Patisserie Valerie (or just ogle the fabulous chocolate swirl cakes through the windows like me) will know that it would be rude to just order coffee. Well the pain au chocolat was larger than my handbag! Fuelled up we decided to amble into boutique chocolatiers, mouth watering shoe shops and offset it with a little clothing interest.

Lunch was at Eat and Two Veg which has great service and really great food. It’s a place you can take most carnivores – maybe keep the vegi bit quiet if you can he he. Anyway whilst chilling over a lengthy & relaxed continental inspired luncheon, Sophie Dahl breezed in with her entourage looking stunning. So it even has the celebrity seal of approval!!

Another wonderful place we found was Deploy. It labels itself as demi couture clothing for women – nice title! They create beautiful pieces which are wearable in various different ways. There was a fabulous mac of which the over shoulder part could be detached and worn as a cute cropped jacket, perfect for an evening out. Another configuration was for it to be worn as a dress! There were many clever designs, great styling, and much food for thought. Definitely worth a visit & chat to the sweet and enthusiastic staff.

Anyway we had a wonderful time even though we didn't buy anything for the wardrobe, partly due to the fact that we ate so much we wouldn't be able to fit into anything he he xx

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  1. Ah, I miss London! Last trip there was when I was 13! Need to fix this asap! :)



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