Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Well last night I went to one of my favourite venues, Cinema City in Norwich. Unusually I wasn’t there for the fabulous food or the screening of something cultured (ok so a girl can pretend J). I was there to see my friend Jess Morgan perform. She has the most beautiful voice, we think she’s a similar sound to Katie Melua but with more style. The clever girl writes her own material too. There are music clips on her website which are really worth checking out. He sound is kind of dreamy folk style. It’s lovely to hear & really relaxing.

Oh and to keep in the vein of fashion, vintage jewellery & cupcakes..... I was wearing a beautiful vintage layered chain necklace, sporting a high necked animal print top and eating the Cinema City homemade carrot cake whilst listening. Heaven for all the senses xx he he

Photo by Andi Sapey

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  1. Cinema City sounds like a great venue. I've had a listen to Jess Morgan, I love this kind of music, she's certainly very talented especially if she writes her own material. I've got visions of carrot cake in my head now, I think it's time for a snack.


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