Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My fashion shoot

So Saturday turned out sunny – eventually, which meant that I could carry out my fashion shoot outdoors.

Ok, I’m also building this up a lot, when you understand that my location is Mummy Butterflies' garden and the model was a perfect sized 12 headless mannequin by the name of Maude!!! No need for a make up artist with Maude he he.

On the sunny side, the scarves were knitted by Mummy Butterfly & the tops made by me. We might be more cottage industry than couture at the moment, but at least we are having fun!!

Well a little about the scarves... my mummy find knitting really relaxing - I personally prefer giggling & chatting nonsense with friends over a glass of wine but hey! So she created this scarf design a couple of years ago and had created it in all different colours and types of yarn, sometimes adding ribbon and sparkly thread (being a bit of a magpie i love this). As much as I love to protest, I think it is getting to scarf selling time on my little stall. And that means that the thermals will have to come out of storage too :( What a fox I am eh?!!!)

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  1. Love the red and white dress.
    From Emma Swee Things.


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