Monday, 7 September 2009

Cupcake Update x

This weekend was the big cupcake sale for charity Nelson's Journey. Mummy Butterfly baked a stupendous 350 cupcakes, which was incredible news until it dawned in that split second that T& I would be decorating all of them!!! If I ever see a box of icing sugar again i might cry!! I was telling Caroline that I don't know how she does it for a living. That said; the first 100 were fun!!!

Big thanks to the NJ girls who sold many many cupcakes at the Gala Day at the Norfolk Showground.
Huge thanks to M who very kindly took loads to work to sell to her lovely colleagues. Thanks to all at NCC who supported & purchased.

Well this is becoming a bit of an Oscar acceptance speech ... but thanks to my Mummy and to T and baby butterfly for baking & decorating skills. I also think I found my vocation in piping ha ha 1 in 5 chocolate buttercream topped were pretty well done if I do say so myself he :)


  1. YUMZ! Always got to have love for cupcakes!

    You have an awesome blog, I just HAVE to follow :)



I love reading your comments, plus it reminds me that someone other than my mummy is actually reading my blog!!! he he xx