Friday, 18 March 2011

Shall we dance? – in my case badly!

I’m off to a nice vintage event tomorrow night. Another Big Band evening but this time with dancing, that should be entertainment in itself!!

Three of us have been to an introduction Ceroc class and err that’s about it. All made better by another friend joining us who’s an ex ballerina and so good at Ceroc, Salsa (and everything else to be honest!!) that the room stops to watch (groans with envy).

We were laughing (mostly at our ourselves) about Ceroc classes last night, many more women than men at the one we went to. Trust me, most of the guys weren’t complaining. I have heard that this is a good place to meet potential suitors – opportunity for too many smutty one liners that I really shouldn’t mention!! Anyway I lost track of the times I was severely reprimanded for not letting the man lead. I put this down to the fact that a modern gal has to hold her own so to speak in business and life generally. I found it really hard especially when the guys freestyle & you’re supposed to “just know” what moves they are planning - well I just couldn’t manage to hold my crystal ball at the same time! I guess it gets easier with time???? I hope! Ha.

One gentleman told me “just let the man tell you what to do” I had to hold my tongue rather than inform him that was just one of the reasons that I wasn't married!! he he

I digress! It’s the Jonathan Wyatt band again and I’m dragging more friends along each time they’re so good. The night promises more Glenn Miller, a Frank Sinatra singer and plenty more war time music. Since it’s a 1940’s evening we are of course dressing up – any excuse to be honest! Hopefully my photography skills will be good enough to post our outfits and the hilarity had by all. I think my 3 year old niece Abigail will steal the show and the dance floor – definitely a diva in the making he he.

Wishing you a very splendid weekend xx

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