Sunday, 17 June 2012

To all the wonderful Fathers Past & Present

Daddieeeee you're the BEST!!

I'm lucky to still have my fab Dad around for the best hugs, chats, moans and the odd bit of DIY!!

Last night we went to see a hilarious play by a local dramatics company.  Mum got the giggles and we roared with laughter throughout.  

This is my dear papa on the Jubilee weekend.  Much cake, scones and Pimms were consumed by all.

Clearly the tie was a good purchase!  All vintage & patriotic events it makes an appearance.

Well I will leave you with a silly clean joke - vaguely topical..

They were going to name my brother after my father; but Dad is such a stupid name!! boom boom.

Hope you're all having some time off from the dull stuff. 
Claire   xxxx

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