Saturday, 28 April 2012

I'm not old, just Vintage!

It was my Birthday on Tuesday but the celebrations started on the Sunday before when I met M and R.  After being lavished with presents & cards and a cheeky G and T we headed into Norwich for Flicks & Lips Vintage Make Up Masterclass.  Well let me tell you, we had a blast.  Three lovely vintage bloggers are the brains (and beauty) behind this.  Check out the Historical Sauces There is another one on May 27th.  Highly recommended.  I have managed reasonable eyeliner twice this week - compared to the usual twice a year!! They must be good.  We laughed and learned loads.  A lovely evening, all set up nicely with excellent attention to detail.  There was a sip & shop afterwards.  Vintage shopping & cocktails - perfecto.  Mr fabulous will be the proud receiver of a lovely cravat.  M & I treated ourselves to bow ties which we intend to make into wrist corsages or hairbands.....
My birthday flowers
We had the gorgeous Gemma teach us tips on how to apply liquid eyeliner - no small task for someone who has a wobbly hand and ends up with it everywhere other than where it should be!! We chatted make up, cakes, cocktails and all sorts..... and ate Jubilee Fancies!
We sipped green-jasmine tea bubbles in bone china teacups from a the teapot below!  A recipe from the Vintage Tea Party book by Angel Adoree.  Yum!  Mr Fabulous is back from his travels tomorrow and I shall be serving up that and a few other cocktails - and recipes too.  

 My gorgeous girlyfriends
 A Salvador Dahli lipstick that was a present - yep it's red.  Fabulous packaging too.
 Can you tell I don't like having my photo taken ha ha!!  That's the beautiful & historic Elm Hill behind me.  
 And we went to the X Bells for mind blowing Bloody Mary's afterwards
Our make up was far from perfect ... but we had a perfectly lovely evening.  


  1. ooh cakes and cocktails.....sounds like a fabulous time was had!!

  2. Happy, happy birthday gorgeous woman!!!! Oh what a wonderful way to celebrate, with a vintage make up session and super-delish cakes and drinks - I love your pics and especially the one with the Dali lipstick!!! xo

  3. Hello dear ^^ your blog is so pretty! let's follow each other, would be fun :)what do u say?:X


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