Sunday, 15 April 2012

I'm back on the blog!!

Well life is a bit of a busy old merry go round.  Sometime I wanna get off ha ha.

My Art Deco (minus Glitter ball) area
Anyway I've been all work & no play (makes Claire a very dull girl).  Sooooo I decided that I must get organised.  This is nothing to all of you fabulous bloggers & readers who have gorgeous spick & span homes and still cook clever dinners from scratch, create pretty things & look like you dropped from a stylish magazine cover.  I however am naff and to achieve one of these things means the other juggling balls drop!!! 

Going too far?  Colour coordinated book library.

Vintage bag cleaning project 
Vintage brooches that I really should sell.
How do you display / store your ostrich feathers??

My Gran's old sewing box, I love it.

My new mirror.  I heart this too.  Sorry I must find out how to rotate on Blogger
Mr Fabulous bought me this hat.. what do you think?

So I decided that if I had a home for everything & everything was put away in it's place (instead of being dumped on the bedroom / kitchen / studio table / floor ......).  It's working too.  ok so the pile of kit on the floor from the business trip & the gym kit from Friday night & the pile of work to do is the exception. (There may be a couple of other messy bits if I'm honest but they will be whisked away in two shakes of a a lambs tail - honest!!!).  So I thought you might like to see some areas of improvement - Be warned - if there are mirrors in the photos you may see more evidence of unrest ha ha.
Pretty as a chocolate box - Forward planning Birthday presents for my girlfriends. 
Hope you're having a lovely weekend.  I have to try & tidy the pile on the kitchen floor, mow the lawn, do some washing, make myself look presentable and dash out for high tea with champagne followed by vintage cocktails for Tina's Birthday.  looks like life just got back to a balance of fun V darned hard work!!!

Hope you're having a splendid weekend.  Will post soon on high tea & if's it's worth a recommendation xxxx

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