Wednesday, 23 December 2009

What will Christmas bring...

Well I have worked like crazy and partied even harder over the last few months. It's been loads of fun, but my little body is feeling the strain now. My Christmas wish is for a huge lay in (preferably without hangover)!!
The picture of fabulous Audrey is a little like me last weekend after an opulent ball in London. I woke up complete with make up, jewellery still on & my tiara & entire bag contents lying on the bed next to me - classy!! Oh dear.
Anyway I foolishly invited lots of neighbours over to my parents house for mulled wine & mince pies for Christmas eve. I see more champagne corks popping and a headache on the horizon! I never learn.
Christmas eve is always a dressy affair for the family, it's a good chance to get the posh frocks out of storage and I do have some rather splendid vintage gloves that I haven't worn yet...

and did I show you the glitter ball handbag? This bag is so fabulous that it's inspired me to have a dinner party early next year all decorated in white & silver.... the photo doesn't quite do it justice.

Waking up with my glitter ball shimmering and throwing sparkles all over my bedroom is rather lovely too. I think it might stay up after the festivities!! x

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