Friday, 31 December 2010

Let it snow...

I'm back from France!
Well I have survived my very 1st Ski trip.
No broken bones, no injuries at all - well maybe a little dent in my pride!
I didn't manage to conquer my fears of skiing, not even sure what the fears were to be honest. Clearly I am just a big girls blouse - I like to think a rather nice vintage frilled one, worn with layers of classic pearl necklaces!!! he he :-P

The lovely things of my holiday were spending a week with some of my bestest buddies and making some new friends too.
Christmas Eve was a mad one drinking far too much Champagne and laughing our heads off! Christmas day was a slow starter, without any more Champagne. It was everything I could have asked for, lazy, relaxed, nice gifts, lots of hugs & laughter and then a huuuuge roast dinner cooked by someone else!!

The scenery was lovely and everything was prettily covered in snow. Once I find my camera lead I will post some Chrismassy piccies.

I did have a bit of a sulk at having to wear suitable clothing & clompy boots everyday & the only vintage I managed was a faux fur for evenings out & a vintage brooch on my furry hat.

I should also announce the arrival of my shiny new nephew, I am secretly calling him the Radish as his middle name is very similar (it's Bulgarian) and he will probably be a little ginger lad. He arrived, eventually just in time for Mummy to enjoy Christmas without a smiley tummy!!! Welcome to the world little fella.

Anyway it's New Years Eve already, how did that come around so quick????
Ok now I'm going to sound like a super spoilt brat but this time last year I was in New York with my buddies, it was the best!
This year as I've over spent from my holiday pot, I'm spending it with family & close friends. Kind of a role reversal with Christmas.

Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too, filled with love & laughter xxx

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