Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My new favorite hangouts in Norwich

It's not often that I pop into Norwich - or anywhere else for that matter at the moment.  I should cut bills and just live in the office ha ha!!

Anyway I met up with the lovely Ruthie and we popped to Talc  on Timber Hill for a spot of lunch.  Odd name for a restaurant but a cute place all the same.  It's a mix of vintage decors and crockery, warmth & friendly service - ooh and nice food too.  

And my fav bars are still Franks Bar, Birdcage and the fabulous X Bells which serves the best cocktails in town.  
Mr Fabulous & I popped in for a few on their finest.  They mix incredible Bloody Mary's, vintage style double G&T's yuuuuuum, Old Fashioned, Vespers .......  and yes, I did have a bit of a headache the next day!! Serves me right.  

Anyway as well as the superb drinks it's a pretty cool place with a log fire & Chesterfields, an old red phone box with a cash machine in it and a wall of whiskys! 

 and nice decor and friendly bar team.
I've even taken my parents there after a day of antique shops, vintage fairs & a jaunt to the cinema to see The Artist.
This weekend we have a 1940's event with a Big Band and a vintage flea market ooooh lovely, if I can fit a lay in and a walk on the beach it will be perfect!
Flea Market also on Sunday 25th March 11 - 4pm with local musicians, pop up bar & lounge, tea & cakes. £1 entry.  Can't wait!! 

What are you up to this weekend?  I'd love to know xxxx


  1. I've walked past Talc and peeped through the window, it does look lovely, I really must try it out.

    I'll also be at the Tin Pan Alley event, I'm working it with The Historical Sauces, hopefully we'll get to see some of the entertainment too. It looks like it's going to be fab x

  2. It makes me want to visit Norwich. I love the photographs! kitty x


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