Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Loving the car boot sales

I think I may have become a little addicted to car boot sales. I used to love my Sunday morning lay-ins, but now I find myself getting up at 7 (shock horror) to pop to the local CB! Well last Sunday was my favourite so far, it was so good I was late for setting up at the Craft & Farmer’s market oops!

I bought loads of fabulous sparkly jewellery to take apart & make new. My friends call me a magpie, guess this photo proves it! These pieces are just fine as they are & will be a lovely feature for any Vintage fairs – unless I decide to keep them myself he he.

I also found this tea & coffee set. It’s sending my untrained eye mixed messages. The wooden handles are quite Art Deco styled but the rest is in my opinion either 50’s, 60’s or 70’S!!!! I think I should stick to jewellery!!! J Anyway I thought it was a great design & once I clean the teapot properly I shall decide if I should keep it or find a better home for the set.

I'm off to another one tomorrow & hoping to find some scrumdiddlyumptious things xx


  1. I think the tea set might be Art Deco, there was a similar one on Jeeves and Wooster but with white handles.

  2. I would have dated the set as 50's, purely because deco sets are smaller in design. Not an expert opinion though Clare.

    Mrs Bun x


I love reading your comments, plus it reminds me that someone other than my mummy is actually reading my blog!!! he he xx