Monday, 17 August 2009

Norwich Craft & Farmer's Market

The 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month is all about Gentleman’s Walk in Norwich (Norfolk)for me. It’s a shiny new Craft & Farmer’s Market & is ever growing in size and variety. This week I was lucky enough to be next to the lovely Caroline & her family. The bad news was that Caroline sells yummy cakes, which meant that I had cupcakes for breakfast! They were fab though & I’m sure pricing my jewellery burned off enough calories ha ha.

Anyway the sun was shining, the stall was looking quite good, decorated with nic nacks from my recent carboot purchases and lots of sparkly jewellery & handbags. I was a happy butterfly and Mummy Butterfly was playing Fairy sticker books with Caroline’s little Princess daughter!!

If you happen to be popping into Norwich on one of our Sundays, please come and see all of us. You could pick up some free range eggs, pretty posies of wild flowers and some fresh fish for dinner. Or if you are looking for an unusual present for a girlfriend, daughter, mother….. then we have pretty sparkly things (which we can wrap up), handmade cards and you could acquire a pink box of melt in the mouth Birthday cupcakes that will be very well appreciated.

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  1. What a good idea to have a craft and farmers market giving everyone a fighting chance. We don't seem to have opportunities like that here.


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