Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Cupcake Recipes Required

Well I usually prefer to treat myself to other peoples scrummy cupcakes, but this time I have signed myself up for making them to sell. Not just a small batch either, I'm aiming to make & decorate about 250!!! Well when I say me - I have been using my persuasive charms (and the promise of some champagne cocktails after decorating) to get a mini workforce together!! Mummy Butterfly is on board & so is my brother's girlfriend who is a great cook. I have friends staying that weekend and may have to get them to help too - is that wrong??!

Anyway the reason for so many cupcakes is that I am newly recruited onto the event's team for a fabulous charity Nelson's Journey which helps support children who have experienced the death of a significant person such as a parent or sibling.

Being keen to impress I though cupcakes would be a nice idea, I now need to plan my military cake decorating operation around working and my fabulous friends staying!!

If anyone has any great recipes or decorating ideas please let me know, I did find a picture of cupcakes with lavender on top & lilac coloured icing yummy. I will post some piccies so you can grade us!

The event is Gala Day at the Norfolk Showground, Norwich on Sunday 6th September, all are very welcome xx

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