Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Magpies be warned!

OMFG M&S goes G&S. Gorgeous and sequined! What is happening on the High Street? Some serious morphing is going on in your trusty & well known multi -nationals.

Next has been trying on All Saints style for size, last season rocked some raw tailoring which wouldn’t have looked out of place in the A.S stores – with the exception of the price tags.

River Island is continuing to bring the customised front to the masses (although I suspect that they may have lifted a few ideas from the fabulous designer & creators who bless our funky little fashion markets – but this is just a whimsical thought – I know how RI love to take people to court) Nice range though & their handbags are splendid.

So back to the start – M&S… what is occurring?!! I’m still trying to understand the huge success of Per Una. Is there something in the weave that attracts the over 50’s and makes them loyal subjects? Anyway I digress (again). So I was skimming through a fashion magazine & spotted this photo – WOW!! Sadly I spotted this picky much later than most as it the online shop is currently out of stock of the skirt. Boo L. Is it just me being ever the magpie, or are sequins the best for getting you into the party spirit? I guess the taffeta cocktail frock for the 2009.

And what age is too old for a short skirt??? Or is it just the legs & the courage of the wearer that counts? If only I could walk in my skyscraper platforms… xx

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  1. Gorgeous look! I think there is no particular age at which to stop wearing a short skirt as long as your legs look fabulous!



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