Monday, 17 May 2010

A very busy craft & vintage market

Wow, the attendance for the Waterfront Market in Ipswich was incredible. Deben Events certainly know how to advertise & there were loads of blogs, flyers & emails bouncing around telling anyone who might listen. Many thanks to all who helped pass on the good word xx

It was sunny much of the day, the location was gorgeous and the stalls were brilliant. Too many nice things to buy & lovely stall holders to gossip about vintage with.

As always it was great chatting to the owner of the most unique stall & fellow blogger Beach Bygones stall is literally all about the beach – vintage swimsuits, floral swim hats, picnic baskets, wind brakes …. It’s brilliant.

Also there was my fabulous vintage loving friend Emmie looking brightly coloured and very pretty – a contrast to my harsh & haggered all black & lack of sleep look! I thought it was fine to go to a Keeping Abreast Charity Ball & get 4 hours sleep & then pop off to do an event. Not drinking helped, but maybe should have returned home before I became a pumpkin!!

Then there was the rather glamorous Kathy who we were on a stall next too. She packs her rail & high end vintage clothing into her convertible – no boring estate car or small van for this lady! We did however discuss the merits of a magical pop up stall… if only they existed!

The little pussy cat went to a good home too.

Anyway, it was the day of the t-shirt & vest top. There was a lot in interest in the vintage scarf tops & the new granny vest. Looks like I had better get making before the Woodbridge Weekender (another brilliant event of vintage & contemporary niceness on Sat 12th & Sun 13th June in Woodbridge Suffolk)..

It was a nice but long day & by the time I got home I was pooped. Pizza, a hot bath & bed for me.


  1. Thanks for the mention! It was nice to meet you again at the market on Sunday, it was amazingly busy. Glad your mum liked her things! See you in June at Woodbridge.

  2. Loved seeing you and mummy butterfly ! It was a great day see you woodbridge!xx

    oh and I am loving the name drop haha


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