Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sunflower Surprise

I had a big surprise yesterday when a package arrived for me in the office.

It was just another Wednesday, then a big box arrived from Interflora. Once I had stopped warming up the office from the glowing heat radiating from my face and the guys had tired of teasing me - this took some time I'm sure you can imagine!
Anyway the flowers were very beautiful and a very sweet message in the card too. They were from the (obviously new) boyfriend who has been working away for a few weeks.

I decided that I would split them up into 3 arrangements so I could enjoy them in different rooms. Please excuse my floristry (lack of) skills!
The pretty pink roses are in a vintage cabbage coffee pot (of course!!) that belonged to my dear Gran.

Next to them are the sweet little tea cups & cupcake plates that I found at a carboot sale - I can't part with them. The other yummy thing is a bottle of pink champagne that my bestest friend and her fabulous bf sent me for my Birthday. Yes it is a miracle that it's still unopened but it's being saved for a special occasion.

Whilst I was taking photos I thought you might like to see one of Mummy Butterfly's master pieces. Most of the canvases in my house are painted by her, clever thing! I love this sunny sunflower, it brightens up my teeny tiny hall and makes me smile.

Wishing you all a happy Thursday xxxxxx


  1. Gorgeous flowers... and great idea to split them up around the house for maximum enjoyment! x

  2. so lovely! what a beautiful surprise and the painting - just stunning I may have to see more of mummy butterflies work!x

  3. I like your sunflower surprise.

  4. Just to let you know that we have got a new blog.


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