Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Big Wedding and a day off

Well it's finally here and thankfully they are more organised than me. I invited a few people last night & shopped at 9pm in a busy supermarche - not the only disorganized party thrower then.

The sun is out in my little town and I'm going to get the bunting out, vintage china plates cups & saucers.... homemade cakes are on the way. (Last night's sponge was a disaster, clearly I've lost my skills!! But it's now turning into a trifle!!).

Anyway Royal fans or not, it's nice that so many people are getting together with some good old British spirit mmmm G&T for me please!

I was trying to find a photo of myself & my Brother at a street party when Charles & Diana got married. My mummy dressed us as the pair on their wedding day - hilarious. My brother, fittingly called Charles was about 3 and had to stand on a stool to be my height. This had a lable on it with "The Royal Box" on it and gold tassels on the corners!! My dress was a replica made out of curtain material. We won First Prize hurrahhh and had to walk through our village & into the next one. We made the papers too. Oh I wish I could find the photos. Anyway about 20 odd years later my friends & I went to Edinburgh Fringe Festival & bizzary bumped into some people from our old village. They remembered our parents - the parties and Charles (my flame haired brother) and I dressed as Charles & Diana. ha ha My mum was so proud!!!

Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful day, wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

I'm off to tidy the house, buy more eggs & butter, drink more rocket fuel coffee argghhh
then I have to decide what red white & blue I should wear!!!

I hope it's sunny for the lovely couple & all those crazy people lining the streets of London and all the street parties everywhere. None so small, last minute or disorganised as mine!!

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