Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Art Deco Decadence

Well yet again I have been a bad blogger!It's been so busy recently and the blog has paled in priority - terrible news.
Anyway I have been doing some nice things too. All work and no play would make Claire a very dull girl indeed!!
Last week we had a fabulous Art Deco party at the boyfriends posh pad. He has the grown up place with antiquities and I have the eclectic vintage meets modern pad.
Lovely Linda & Hooray Henry
My Mummy glamming it up
Tina arrives dressed as an unflappable flapper!
Tina show gal & my Papa

Amazingly nearly everyone turned up in fancy dress & got on like a house on fire. It was a hilarious night and I drank far too many cocktails. Maybe that was why so many of my photos were terrible, I of course blamed my camera for the blur he he.

We made up names for the cocktails like Broadway Boogie, Roaring 20's, Champagne Charlie and Prohibition Punch. However I think it was the Cheeky Charleston - homemade lemon sherbet vodka shots that tipped my photography skills (not that I really possessed any before!!). ha ha
Ravishing Ruthie & Dashing Dave!!

Thankfully my bestest friend Linda saved the day & it's her collage of crazy snaps. It makes me chuckle every time I look at it. And yes, Sean the Sheep did attend!! Marcus doesn't like to go for the obvious - however as he pointed out, they did have sheep in the twenties!!

We have two very talented friends who can dance exceedingly well... and they did a demo of the Charleston and then taught all of us some steps. Well they had a good bash at teaching us anyway. The booze didn't appear to make us any more coordinated!
I love dressing up if you hadn't guessed by now. I have an old pirate style chest that was my Gran's - it's my fancy dress box and boy are there some memories in there!!
Yes I did have a hangover the next day too - serves me right!!

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